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Derby away was always lively. I remember the train pulling in to be met by loads of Midland and Northern Spurs and being marched to the ground like a huge army. You really felt that you had taken over the town. Inside, I recall Spurs having a right go in the home end and one lad being taken out by stretcher to huge roars of approval. After was a different matter as they would mob up and the walk back to the station was always fun and games. Anyone here go to the 8-2 / the wheels came off that day for sure.
Was at the 2-2 in '78...with all the Tommy Doc songs.
Recollect seeing some graffiti on a wall outside before the game.
"Spurs" and "Park Lane"
It's been a treat reading through this thread, and to be honest there seems to be a theme that is probably similar to my own.

Each person has what they see as their own 'Golden Period' following Spurs. For me it was early 2000's to around 2015, particularly, when I'd go to maybe 20 odd games a season. That is an effort from up here, believe me. Great times had at The Lane, and grounds all over the country and Europe.

For some reason I became completely disillusioned with the game in England, if not Spurs, and suddenly stopped going. I think the only game I've attended in the last 4 years was Tranmere in the cup.

I'm still very much disillusioned with the Premier League generally but Spurs have continued to a determining factor in my weekly mood so I guess there's hope I might catch the bug for attending again. Some of the best days of my puff were spent travelling to and watching Spurs games.
As its Stoke away, I'd thought I relive some memories.
Meet up at Euston about 10am armed with a load of beer. 2 hour journey to be met by a load of Midland Yids. Marched quite peacefully to the ground and into the away end. A big mob of ours went in their end and had a right go. Got marched back to us.
Glenn scored a wonder goal.

After, it was really hairy. They came at us though a big park/cemetery and it got quite nasty.
Back at the station, we were herded in until the special was ready. All aboard to be bricked as the train pulled out
Great days
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