Tottenham Hotspur are unique to you because.....?

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Yes they did, but winning the FA Cup is glory, and coming 2nd is not.
So the quote is flawed.....if you use that quote, you should be be content with last season. We sacrificed the cups to try and win the PL.
We failed aiming high, so why is it not good enough....why don't you see the echoes of glory in it? You just see failure and no trophies.

You're taking the quote too was said by an Irishman, they make up all kinds of shit

It just means always dream big.....which is a criticism a lot of opposition fans level at Spurs fans - that we have delusions of grandeur.


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I use to bartend at bar that hosted an Arensal support group in NC. They were all asshole and never tipped the bar staff. I asked a guy who was their biggest rival and the next week I showed up in full Spurs kit. Been hooked ever since .
North Carolina?
Supporting Tottenham means that winning the title will be so much sweeter as a fan than any of these pricks who can go out and buy their way to success.
Didn't even think about it for one second. My dad was/is a massive Spurs fan, he's been going for 50+ years and he was brought up in Tottenham (though his dad was a goon!), and I've never lived anywhere except North London, currently in South Tottenham.

Hopefully when I have kids they don't think about it either.
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