Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa (A) (16/02/20) (2pm)

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Goal goal goal goal goal
Odd thing is he can strike the ball well. Just do a normal run up and lash it home Sonny
Has not needed ever since it was always for Kane and Ericksen if not Kane. Need to work on quickly. Call Harry up for a pointer or something fast
Keystone cops defending in the first 15/20 mins, done well to go in ahead at HT, but it could easily be 3 or 4-1 either way at this stage.
Fantastic finish for TAs goal, he will be feeling a lot better after the OG, fair play to Son, poor penalty but he was in there to net the rebound.
Everyone playing well after a slow start. Dele and Lucas both missed big chances.
US pundit said Kane would have had a hat trick already.
Wee bit worried about Aurier and pleased he did not get a yellow.
Villa are wide open...hence all the sitters Dele has missed...

That said, our centre halves look badly flustered and Aurier a red card/pen waiting to happen.

I’d like to think we could grind this out and maybe pick Villa off again but not this Tottenham. Not yet...

more harem sacrum in the second half...
Having a proper striker who can hold the ball up + an actually good DM is actually all this team would need to be up like 3-0 in this game. Villa are decent going forward, but they can't defend at all. We just need the ball to stick up front.
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