Tottenham Hotspur v Moscow Blues | Carabao Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg | Wednesday 12 January 2022 | 19:45 KO

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So to conclude our findings from yesterday's game:

- Offside rule shouldn't apply to us 😉
- Emerson and Doherty are MAJOR donks
- Conte made it clear once again the gulf in quality between the two sides and heavily implied our squad depth and quality is not up to scratch and needs to be addressed pronto
- Despite Conte very likely anticipating yesterdays result, he came across as majorly deflated and a bit agitated, like the life force had been sucked dry out of him. I personally think even though he knew this project would be a big task, I think he has only recently fully understood the true extent of how difficult this project will be without considerable investment and time.
- Chelsea (rightfully so) were just flexing towards the end of the game by bringing on Kante and I think Ziyech.
- It's not just the squad that needs a major overhaul, we need a completely new scouting system, IMO we need to pay big bucks for some individuals with an excellent track record of finding players, that's the only way to increase reliability of getting the right players in at the right price to take us forward as a club.
Mate, the three VAR decisions were correct.
The 3 VARs

1) The Danish Dud had he stayed on his feet was clean through on the keeper, Rudiger was on his arse so he did a stupid dive outside the box that obviously resulted in us wasting a chance. Did he forget VAR was there?

2) Moura's was very, very clearly a wrong decision.

3) Kane could have made sure he was onside if he hadn't stood ball watching. It wouldn't have been hard for him to look across the line, step back then receive the pass.

As for the 2 OGs, Dav's was simply unlucky but the situation arose from Tanganga and Emerson giving the ball away and the second was Tanganga heading the ball downward into his own player.

There was no bad luck, it was all poor decision making on our behalf.
I know... I just wonder where VAR was when Roy Carroll scooped Pedro Mendes' GOAL out from 2 metres into the net?

THAT'S what I'm talking about...

Not saying the decisions were wrong, but when WE needed it, it hadn't been invented!

That said, we probably wouldn't have made the 2019 CL semi final without it, so does that even itself up??

We've struggled to benefit from it ever since!
Jols first season side had King, Carrick, Keane, Defoe, Kanoute and Dawson from January This side is worse imo. Reckon you have to go back to 2003/4 under Hoddle and Pleat.
Not sure about that.

This team that won 5-1 back in 2002 had more quality than yesterday.

Tottenham: Sullivan, Perry, King, Gardner, Davies, Poyet (Leonhardsen 83), Sherwood, Anderton, Taricco, Sheringham, Iversen (Rebrov 83).
Subs Not Used: Kelly, Etherington, Thelwell.
Something doesn’t sit right with me about the songs we sing at Alonso

More out of respect to the victim and her family than anything else

Nice video otherwise
Agree.... we really do have some pure nasty songs that get an airing at certain games...

Especially as we're totally missing the fact he has The Joker's mouth & hair!!

...surely there's a song in there somewhere?
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