Tottenham Hotspur v Southampton (28-09-19) (3pm)

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Im doing Brighton (A), Bayern & Watford in October. Thankfully i am missing Southampton at the weekend.

Brighton & Watford will put 11 behind the ball and we will struggle to break them down (as usual) so two more bore-fests. God knows what will happen vs Munich.

I'm predicting 3 wins. Not sure for which teams though.
Actually Brighton isn't a park the bus team since Potter took charge.
I agree Sissoko should play, but Dier should play instead of Toby "I'm not interested anymore".

We may need Lucas if we get a pen and Eriksen's not around to take it. :deledoubt:

Anyway it's all bollocks because Toby, Jan, Rose and Eriksen will play and Lucas will come off the bench in the 88th minute.
If that is the case I'm fucking taking a time out.

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Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser
Who is the half time guest? I’ll be wining and dining you in the concourse or whatever it’s called in the new stadia!

I got back bike yesterday PM me when you can will be with Sis and her husband, they will know where the dispensary is, last time I saw a game at the lane “YOU WANT ONIONS COLONEL???” was the height of the cuisine
Looking forward to catching up before the game, dispensary on 5th floor west stand, hopefully a few others will be able to join. Should be in around the 1.45 - 2pm mark. See you then
Do not want to see dier or kwp anywhere near our first team in important games.

Aurier is a must start. Otherwise I'd go with that front 3 of Son kane moura with lamela in behind. Ndombele and winks midfield.

5 nil spurs. Southampton are not a good team. Wod be shocking if don't win.


'you middle class out of touch cunt!'
I am taking no chances. I will be wearing Dr Martens to the lane on Saturday. We use to win games and cups when I wore them regularly. It will be my slip on one's,my old antique lace ups will be saved for more important games.
Desperate times call for desperate measures
I'm going to pluck my bollocks and wank over maria whittaker..... anyone know where she lives these days, as feel she needs a heads up.

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