Tottenham Hotspur v Southampton (28-09-19) (3pm)

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Just got caught up on this one. Holy shit, we were lucky to get out of that hole. How fucking stupid are some of our players sometimes, as if this wasn't a tough enough situation....

But still, coming through adversity like this and showing some fight might turn out to be a good thing long term. Maybe days like this can force them to find that unity and fire that's been missing. Kane, Sissoko and Lamela stood out in particular for their great performances, and Lloris did go someway to try and redeem himself. The extra running around might not be so great with the midweek game though!

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Can’t believe people are having a go at Eriksen’s performance. He was the best player on the pitch the first 30 minutes and I counted at least 4 absolutely brilliant passes from him during that time. After Aurier was sent off he was much less involved, but what do you expect when Southampton has 75% of possession? And he still did his part in setting up the Kane goal.

Stop grinding your axes and open your eyes.
There was so slight booing when Eriksen's name was announced.

He acknowledged the South stand after the game, so did most of the players if not all
This was just what we needed, including a sending off strangely.. Going down to 10 men made the team fight for each other.
Serge was a bit stupid as his first yellow must have been bordering on a red. His next tackle was always going to be a second yellow as the ref had it in the back of his mind.

Not particularly angry with Serge but I’m livid with fucking Lloris, he is so stupid it beggars belief.. I hate it when he bollocks about with it for no reason. He was always going to get caught. I just hope he has learnt his lesson and stops being a Tit..

On the whole a great performance with 10 men and 3 very much needed points..
Vertonghen was out of the team because a german club made an offer to sign him and he banged Eriksen's wife - he was offering her a long cock.

Eriksen wasn't starting because he wanted to go to a penis enlargement clinic in Madrid, even though they never made it bigger.

It's as simple as that

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