Tottenham Hotspur v. Watford - 19.10.2019 @ 3 PM

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Youth movement is the rage so let’s go. Everyone was poop today so let’s mix it up.

Ndombele-Skipp-Lo Celso

Bench: Whiteman, Kane, Son, Lamela, Dier, Davies, Winks
I just feel weary thinking of another match next week. Would we be allowed opt out for the rest of this season and start again next season?


Bill Nicholson. Mauricio Pochettino.
Playing the worst side of the League BY FAR. If Poch is still here and we don't win, it's definetely his last match. If Poch is not here, I'm expecting to win this comfortably simply because of the "new manager factor".
I see we are dividing the thread attitudes. Quite a few angry ones, some resigned, and this has turned into the mopey thread.

I refuse to concede!

If Poch is still here it'll be

Lloris (it's only a career threatening injury, he'll be fine. Remember that save he made a few months ago ?)

Sissoko (hey buddy, I'll get you in somewhere)
Toby (You were once good, I'll pick you even though you've gone to shit and want out)
Jan (See above)
Rose (See above....)

Dier (Good to have you back Eric, you too were good a few years ago)
Winks (You were good last year, except now you play with your back to goal 30 yards from your own goal and give it away a lot)
Eriksen (You must play. You're Plan A,B,C right through to Z infinity)
Alli (you'll come good again......I hope)

Son (Got me out of a pickle so many times, hopefully you'll do it again)
Kane (You simply can't be dropped, it's against the law)
I’m actually really fucking excited and scared for this. I truly believe Poch hasn’t lost the players and this will be a turn around. Bayern was a mess and today was a mess but with an extended break and a youth injection, he will turn it around. I want to see youth and fight.

Kwp - Toby - Foyth - Davies
Winks - Skipp - NDombele
Lamela - Kane - Lucas

we still hold strong in attack and Lamela and Lucas will fight hard. Kane needs to be challenged by Poch to actually lead these guys and to chase every ball down. I want the young and hungry Kane back for this match (it’s a tactical choice to not run him into the ground again, but for this match I want him running himself to death).
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