Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham; Sunday 18th October; 16:30

West Ham look semi-competent.

Let's do it for Nutter-Naylor Nutter-Naylor . 7-2, 6-1?

No. 7-1.



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Fucking hate the fact we have to wait 12 days for this.

We are a team with a squad now that relishes games coming thick and fast. Players have to be on their toes knowing we have a big squad and players hungry to take their chance. You'd imagine that the line up for this one might not be too different to the one we saw against Man Utd - certainly no one truly deserves to be dropped for it but with players returning from fitness, I'd be surprised if it was.

We have a game 4 days after this and with that in mind, I'd personally go for this team if everyone is fit and available:

Aurier - Sanchez - Dier - Reguilon
Lo Celso - Hojbjerg - Ndombele
Bale - Kane - Son
I mean, I know we're probably NOT going to see that team - but my god, can you imagine West Hams faces if they were to see that midfield and attacking 6 on the teamsheet.

West Ham seem to play a 3 at the back formation now though with Fredericks/Coufal and Masuaku as their wing backs, Rice and Soucek providing a solid base to allow Fornals, Bowen and Antonio to just sort of do what they want.

I think our full backs in Reguilon and Aurier/Doherty could have ALOT of fun against that defence. Certainly make them think whilst Bale and Son occupy spaces in between and through the centre whilst Kane drops deep to try and draw one of the centre backs out.

It would not surprise me to see West Ham park the bus here and aim to play on the counter and use Antonio as a battering ram target man - so the more creativity in that midfield the better. Ndombele and Lo Celso to both start please. Take one of them off in the second half for Sissoko if you have to with the Europa League and Burnley in mind within the next 7 days - but we are going to have the majority of the ball and our best players need that ball.

We shouldn't fear fucking anyone. Least of all a West Ham side who feel like they are invincible after, let's be honest, two very good results.

Kane x2
It seems like forever until this game after our recent schedule.

Would love to see:

Ndombele-PEH-Lo Celso

Coukd easily score another 5 or 6 with that line-up. Even with the weaker line-up we are likely to see this should be an easy win.
Lo Celso

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Bench: Hart, Doherty, Alderweireld, Sissoko, Lamela, Bergwijn, Vinicius.

This still leaves Davies, Winks, Moura, Gedson and Dele! Insane depth!
Annoying to have to wait for this match but remember that West Ham fans are probably saying the same thing following their good win against Leicester.

Will be interesting to see how we're set up. Leicester play aggressively and got fucked for it. José might resist having us attack too aggressively from the start.
I mean, I know we're probably NOT going to see that team - but my god, can you imagine West Hams faces if they were to see that midfield and attacking 6 on the teamsheat.

Never mind that starting XI - they’ll be crapping themselves just seeing Bale. My West Ham supporting mate says he still suffers PTSD from that time they were 2-1 up against us only to get gaped by the Welsh Wizard.

I think Bale will start on the bench, with a sub appearance after 60 minutes.

Doherty - Sanchez - Dier - Reguilon
Hojbjerg - Winks
Lamela - Ndombele - Son
I think the International Break will play a big part in this match and it wouldn't be fair to expect a very good performance from our team - let's just get the points.

Coufal, Obgonna, Soucek and Rice will be on International duties. Important players - but not many players. Diop, Cresswell, Masuaku (very good LWB), Fornals, Bowen and Antonio (and most of their squad) won't. They will keep training and preparing.

In our squad, Aurier, Tanganga, Sissoko, Ndombele, Lo Celso, Alli, Son, Bale, Lamela, Moura and Vinicius will stay at the club. Everybody else will be pretty much involved. I'm worried about our first team - especially worried about Hojbjerg and Kane.

They need to come back in good conditions. They need to be protected.
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SouthStand Billy

Apparently they have a great record against us.. This is the biggest pile of horse shit in football and nearly as bad as them claiming to have won the World Cup.

In the last 30 games, they have beaten us 8 times and we have beaten them 16 times..
If you want to go more recent, in the last 14 games they have beaten us just 4 times, whilst we have won 8, or in the last 6 meetings they have won just once, whilst we have won 4 of those 6 games.
They still claim their greatest achievement in their history is beating us away at the new ground, to put that into context we have won the last 4 on the trot at the banter bowl..

But they have a great recent record against us apparently. :mourpointlaugh:

This proves just how far ahead of them we really are..
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