Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham; Sunday 18th October; 16:30

We have to learn from this game. Hopefully in the grand scheme of things we will and it will turn out for the better. Im sceptical that will be the case knowing us, but thats what winning clubs do. About time we did too.
I actually thought West Ham were the better side throughout, despite us being so dominant in the first 15 minutes, they looked pretty good with the ball and after making a few adjustments stopped Kaney getting on the ball.

Half time came and went but lethargy set in second half and West Ham piled players forward and really controlled the game from thereon in, and return of the Messiah did not go well after his open goal miss which let them back in to get those three goals.

We just went a bit Spursy and let them back in when we shouldn't have and it was so sad to see poor old Sonny almost crying in that interview - I really felt for him.

West Ham were not the better side throughout. Yes we took our foot off the gas and we should have killed the game with Kane hitting the post and Bale being fouled at the time of shooting wide. To refer to Bale as the “Messiah “ is actually very disrespectful. Let’s face it you are obviously a Spammer
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