Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham; Sunday 18th October; 16:30


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A few more solid wins under our belt and you'll start to believe, the nervousness will fade and turn into optimism and confidence. You'll put the match on your TV with a positive attitude and simply wait for Spurs to score, never imagining the opposition will come near to getting a goal. Trust me

But for today you are allowed to worry yourself sick until we have the 3 pts in the bag, I know I will

What planet are you on? Optimwhat? Confiwhat? Posiwhat?


We know we are playing to win every game, and the lads won't expect anything less than that.

We are expecting to win every game, but this must not become a paranoia. It's still football. We are incredibly good and greatness is in our destiny. Let's enjoy this tension and be behind the lads in every second



Me thinking about Gareth and Harreth on the pitch at the same time:

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I can't fucking believe we will see Kane and Bale on the pitch in the next couple of hours.

Feel like a kid on Christmas Eve.

I'm nervous because I'm desperate for Bale to be "good" and be that missing piece of the puzzle in our journey for silverware. If he can get off to a good start we could fly over these next few weeks but if he looks significantly off it you can picture the media negativity around him already.

That being said, we look so good at the moment that I am still very confident of the win.

Outside of the Bale sideshow we are simply a far better team than that lot and we have been on fire recently.

If Son, Kane and Ndombele maintain their pre-international break form then we should comfortably dispatch this lot regardless of Bale's impact.
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