Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea. 4.30 Sunday 19th September. EPL

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Oh yea , son was shite as well. But Kane was so much worse. Hes been useless in almost every game this season. Looks like I was right and levy(and many forumers) was wrong. No way is an aging, slowing striker with a bad ankle worth 160m. Should have sold him and reinvested the money.

I get accused of being a Kane fanboy and yet I was practically the only one here saying that we shouldn't price Kane out of a move! He needs to move on, deserves to move on, and we'll be better off going down a new path without him. But I got a load of shit for saying such things.

But Son hardly turns up game after game against the better sides, which is the only point I'm making.
Kane out > 75m + (add ons) = New striker in and a pittance of loose change left over.
Ndombele out a at big loss 30m (lucky!) = New MFer in.

Then what?

.......Conte still wants 200m to do his summer rebuild.

....And every summer the year after.

Seriously..... Peeps really need to let go of this Conte stuff..... It is and always was a non-starter.
Conte is a non starter. We can't go on like this though. Go all in for Potter tonight. Get him, get behind a project. This guy is not Tottenham
Letting that scummy little cunt Rudiger score is a crime against our club in itself. Sickening way to end a fucking putrid second half. I am disgusted by having to see that twat score against us at home.
Don't get me wrong, Kane needs to perform better in big games. But I don't like how he gets so much stick and Son doesn't get a mention, despite offering almost as little. Kane made himself an easy target I suppose. But I'm sick and tired of the favouritism here. Son was as poor as Harry today and not one fucking person has said a thing. Yeah, he's just come back from injury but adrenaline alone gets you through these sort of games, so it's not much of an excuse.

Kane's head has gone. He'll be sold in January hopefully. But Son can do no wrong here and it pisses me off. He's had plenty of games for us where he has been fucking shit, just like Harry.
Yh don't get me wrong I agree with you in terms of Son he disappeared from January onwards last year I've said it before a lot of the time when he don't score he don't do an awful lot..

I chose Kane when mentioning leaders as he's our talisman and judging buy the documentary he seem like he wants to talk. But never seem him calling them out.... It shouldn't just be him

There was a moment in the 1st half when hoijberg was looking for a pass Ndombele was no where near where he should be as a midfield partner hoijberg point then Ndombele ran. He does it time and again.. why is no one calling him out for it. Keane and Souness wouldn't have it. But at spurs our players and fans are forever saying how good he is when he lacks a fundamental part of being a midfielder....they either too nice to eachother or have no bottle and it's killing us right now
We're Tottenham mate. Fucking hell. We're not Burnley picking up the phone

We look a mid-table club, one who's best player (or one of at least) wants out and is filled with players that would probably struggle to get in the Brighton side. Not to mention the absolute wanker that runs the club.
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