Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea. 4.30 Sunday 19th September. EPL

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Was desperate to post after the game yesterday but felt it was best to take a breath.

Massive signing but for whatever reason he doesn't seem focused, he's not tough enough defensively and not tricky or controlled enough in attack. I know he's had injuries and multiple managers doesn't help but i've seen enough now – it's a real shame.

Flashes of his ability can be seen in every game but I found myself watching him, thinking back to Dembele and realising how unsuited to this league he is. I felt he really tried yesterday, and he actually put some good challenges in but he looks woefully unfit.

Such high hopes, more potential bombing forward than defending but way off Rose at his peak, he wasn't called back by RM and there's a reason for that. I actually feel Davies is a more rounded player.

Last season lots were calling for his head and wanted him gone, now there is less of that rhetoric which shows how far we have declined. The fact lots were hoping he would be fit for this game speaks volumes.

Is he a prospect or the finished article? If he has been bought as a prospect can we really expect him to come on and change a game of this magnitude? If we are expecting that then he would have cost more than £20m. We can't buy cheap and expect these players to suddenly boss the most competitive league in the world, certainly not surrounded by dross. He looks keen but I question his positioning, he looks incredibly easy to mark out of the game.

I could continue on the rest of the team but everyone has good and bad games and I just wanted to make my point on these four as they optimise where we are now:
  1. We seem neither a team in transition, or in the process of rebuilding – rudderless. I get the impression most of the fanbase and players are confused and don't buy into it.
  2. Giving a third or fourth choice manager a two year contract speaks volumes, what must everyone involved be thinking? Doesn't instil confidence and that's massive in football.
I've been following Spurs for 40 years. I'm very used to the ups and downs but I'm a realist, and knew this would be the case as we couldn't match the big boys with their resources. So the occasional cup run and decent season was ok. But yesterday, watching those teams line up in what is arguably the best stadium in the World, stupid expensive tickets, an exceptionally marketable product I felt sick. Sick knowing we have 'all the gear but no idea'. It's embarrassing.

It's taken fucking years to get my season ticket, over ten years and it's a massive amount of money to find. Also the time it takes away from a young family is huge, so when the players fail to show up, and the board take the piss out of the fans it sickens me. I'm left questioning is it worth the commitment?

I work in sports marketing and this product is a train wreck. If I worked with Spurs we would be dragging them across the table and giving them a very big dose of the truth. PR spin doesn't sort this.

My 8 year old daughter sat briefly with me to watch the game and at 0-0 she said "we're not very good are we?".

When an 8 year old can see it beggars belief

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Said it all bloody summer, this squad needs a scorched earth rebuild including Kane being sold and we tinkered around the edges. As for Nuno, just not seeing him as a Tottenham manager, although he sums up ENIC nicely, cheap, mediocre and available for no fee. The buck stops with Levy. Not acceptable.
I wouldn't even bother with post match interviews anymore. It's the same regurgitated shite. Only interview them if var has fucked them or something similar and you know it'll be worth watching.
It's always the same bollocks

"We will learn from this"

"We will build on this"

"We played well in parts of the game"

"We need to stick together"

"We will move on to the next game"


The prodigal son. 🇦🇱🇺🇦🇦🇱🇺🇦🇦🇱🇺🇦
Fans will be the difference. We don't have the squad those racist cunts do, but, if WHL is at full voice (which it most likely will), then we will at least put up a fight against them, just as we did v City.
State of this Spurs this season:

19th - shots/gm
18th - shots allowed/gm
17th - goals
19th- xG 15th - possession
20th - successful pressures
19th - % tackles won
18th- % successful take-ons
19th - progressive carries
20th - progressive carry distance
15th - % aerial duels won

"we will make you proud"

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