Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea. 4.30 Sunday 19th September. EPL

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:kanehand:. Not a lot to choose from is there. Also good ones like conte see through levy’s/enic limitations so stay away. So probably a young up & coming manager still our best bet.
I reckon a lot of managers in the game are seeing through Levy's/ ENIC nonsense hence why Potter, Rogers and other managers don't want to come here.
Can't be bothered to read through 112 pages - 90 of which will be blaming Levy, Winks, Enic and probably Harry Redknapp for saying he thought managing your country was the pinnacle of management.

Positives for me were the performance of Romero, who nullified Lukaku, and Casino Royale, who got better and more assured as the game went on.
Dier was also pretty solid although both let Silva get his header in for the first.
Hojberg was solid as ever and was supported by an animated and active Deli.
Son was also very active and our best threat, although often ignored for runs he started to make, only to have his energy wasted

I'm on the verge of giving up on LoCelso, who contributes little of value on the creative side, and seemed to be the first o throw the towel in. N'Dombele put a good shift in in the first half but couldn't keep it up as his fitness let him down.

Regie seems to be a real issue, he doesn't seem able to defend, and he makes poor decisions in attack.

I can only remember Kane winning one header, mostly because he didn't jump, and although he did help with the press in the first half, he seemed to be playing entirely in 2nd gear, he has never been more droppable IMHO

The key point in the game was bringing Kante on, he stepped them up a gear and they just became a lot better.

That's the crux of it. Their money buys them a better tier of players
Surely now ENIC must see it's a wreck that many fans are disconnected from the club, team is second rate and without CL football I highly doubt large sponsorship will come knocking.

Enic have actually done the one thing they're usually good at avoiding - cost us a fortune.

We'll never get the same level of stadium sponsorship that was likely on the table 2 years ago.
We'll never get another offer as big for Kane as we did 2 months ago.

If ENIC can't do their one party trick well anymore, then what's the point in them?

if we are going to lose at least lose while having a go and not stinking the place out.
The starting team is great

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