Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea. 4.30 Sunday 19th September. EPL

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Enic/Levy cultists .. wrong for over a decade!
I'm so done with this shit. This club will never amount to anything under levy & enic. Not winners, nor entertainers. Desperately struggling in every match regardless of the result, home crowd just as lifeless and uninterested as the people on the pitch. What is the point of any of this?
Fixed it for you. With ambitious owners we can go places & win stuff.
Great wife’s just turned Chelsea flower show on…..
Have we created anything since Ndombele and Lo Celso went off? That single Kane shot?

We have no build up without at least one of them in the lineup. Need to have a plan going forward that doesn’t rely on those two being out there all the time.

Completely stopped pressing as well. Just bizarre.
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