Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea. 4.30 Sunday 19th September. EPL

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Probably the last 2 years or so the best football I have seen us play is under Ryan Mason in terms of attacking movement. I don’t get why we have gone from Jose to Jose 2.0, I do feel sorry for Nuno in a way but you just get the feeling we have fucked up.

That’s before we come to the squad which has talent but just looks unbalanced.
A really good first half. Ndombele was on the ball. Romero was aggressive. Hojberg was tidying everything up. Even Dele played well.

We conceded a soft goal, and the entire team withered. We are so incredibly low on confidence.

If we lose to the scum, it could be an absolute clusterfuck of a season.
It really doesn’t matter who the manager is, although I’m not sure why anybody would think that a manager that had been sacked by Wolves would be the right man to turn us around, it will inevitably end the same way…they will end up being sacked. Until Enic & Levy sell up, nothing will change. We have a squad full of average & below average players & until there is a huge clear out & some decent players are brought in, nothing will change. That will cost some serious money & it just won’t happen with Levy & Enic running the show. We end up spending money on average players & then wonder why things don’t improve.
Ah don't forget We've got an eco friendly stadium and bicycles, fancy bus and o yes don't forget an allotment and a bee hotel and honey . What's not to love. Souness and co are loving this
Chelsea have players who want to play for their club and with a manager who they believe in and with players who are still getting better.

We are nearly the complete opposite.

The real comparison for our level is next week.

Those who understand football and who are realistic understand that. The fantasists and those who simply think hope or being optimistic will overcome our ineptitude are kidding themselves.

And it's clear we need to sell Kane and 3 or 4 others because they have lost or never had the Spurs fire they need.

A long way back to the top table. A long way but not necessarily a long time.


"I brekka yorz back ind make-a yew humbil"
Great wife’s just turned Chelsea flower show on…..

Mate... Shit on the carpet then go and have a run round the garden instead.


🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦
yes the timing of it was brilliant. Not many managers would have done if they were drawing 0-0 at HT away from home to their rivals.
A very proactive sub which we haven't seen our managers do for a long time.
He’s a decent manager ideal for the EPL

Nuno isn’t
Not a chance
How much have we paid for Lo Celso? Lacks substance

Dele my love, now it’s time nothing personal just business.

Harry Kane your antics disrupted our pre season preparation, we won without you. You’re coasting mate, stop taking free kicks, Villa was years ago and even that was shit

Tanguy my friend 60 minutes ain’t the duration of a football match. Have some pride amigo, earn your money

Luck - fuck you and fuck you not only was Kante’s shot a powder puff you somehow managed to make it ricochet twice give it enough velocity to spin of the post and along the line. You were never our friend but for fuck sake.
Ahh, To Dare Is To Do getting upset again because Ndombele can't play well for more than half an hour of a game. Yet another deluded fan here that is part of the problem and why the club is going backwards.
I've criticised him a lot, especially his pathetic attitude where he thinks he's better than Spurs.

However, his footballing ability is brilliant, and he did play well today. Thought your criticisms were overly harsh, especially when there's many others to blame.
So predictable. I have to feel for players like dier and hojberg having lazy uninspiring players like dele and lo celso playing in front of them.

With hindsight we should have sold Kane but our owners would probably have trousered most of the money and brought in a couple of prospects, with the objective being to hopefully sell for a profit should they work out.

Still the stadiums amazing.
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