Tottenham Hotspur vs. Chelsea [CAPITAL ONE CUP FINAL]

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Juicy Sushi

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Either/or, I'm not fussy....
Mourinho's "campaign against Chelsea" horseshit worked and the refs went very soft on their fouling. Also, Costa committed a straight red offense to Bentaleb and was let off without consequence.

A ref actually calling the game, rather than the public reaction afterwards, and we would have had a much more competitive showing.


Costa was very lucky yesterday he should have had a few reds this season, he seems very able to play on the border line and get away with it.


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Still hurting today but I thought we looked good overall next to a vastly superior side and were not overrun or embarrassed by the occasion (note to the young lads).

Plenty of positives to take from this performance

Agreed, I would love to miss the EL next year and go all out for the Prem, F.A and League Cup. Even if we get the EL I would rather we played the B team and youth players and not a single first 11 player gets used. We ain't winning it there are too many games, it's a waste of time.
Whilst finishing out of the Top 5 (if we were there going into the last game of the season) deliberately would take some game-throwing on a par with Old Trafford '99 (1-0 up, then going on to 'lose' to deny ArseAnal winning the league)
However, if we do aim to finish as high as possible (which I hope we would do) then of course, by all means play Kids/'B' team once there, as either we'd go out in the early rounds anyway, or, better still, might be pleasantly surprised with the level of performance from players who actually want to be there, rather than give the distinct impression they are either too big for such a frivolous competition, or at best is a mild inconvenience to them every couple of Thursdays! (would still mean Sunday games I guess, but at least the first team would've had that all important weeks' rest!)

There are plenty of other clubs (well, another 15 in the PL at least) who would love to finish high enough to even qualify... so to have us bemoan our luck seems a little spoilt to me!
Besides, to some of us it's still the UEFA Cup with the memories of Parks, Roberts and 'Only one Danny Thomas' reverberating around The Lane... (one of Nutter-Naylor Nutter-Naylor 's favourite Spurs-supporting memories... he told me so on the train yesterday!)
Until we're genuinely ready to mix it with the Sky/UEFA Big boys in the CL year-in-year-out, then i'm quite alright with us learning our trade for a few seasons in the UEFA sorry Europa League!!


Moaning isn't moaning if its about our other fans.
I think several factors:

1) We sensed blood after spanking them 5-3.
2) Matic suspended.
3) We're a better team now than under Arry, AVB, Timmy.
4) KANE.

Then again, maybe a little fatigue from Fiorentina mid-week crept in, despite the rotation.
i disagree with the harry bit. i think the team with bale & modric in was better than this team
Trying to erase yesterday from my memory the hangover is reminding me it happened. Also a bird somehow got in my house and was in my basement taking dumps on my brand new carpet. So a great day all around


Enjoy the Moment
One things for certain, when we get another decent striker to partner Harry up front we will do these bastards big time!
If we don't make 4th then 7th is preferable to me. Too many games, too much travel and to places where the journey is difficult. Even the Greek game this year was 4 hours from an airport.

But if we miss 4th, needs to be Utd 3rd, Southampton 4th, Woolwich and Grief junkies in the Europa. Please.


Moaning isn't moaning if its about our other fans.
id love the saints to finish top 4. but isnt realistic. they havent got the squad or players to do it or the ££. i think unfortunately we will have to want utd & pool to get 3rd & 4th.
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