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football's totally fucked at the moment!

...oh, and i'm still royally cunted-off at the whole of today's events... just waiting for the inevitable ArseAnal equaliser/winner to truly round off the day!
I'm happy to be proved wrong thank fuck...

SOMEWHAT of a silver lining ....
After a shit day there were a few moments of cheerfulness to be had.

1)The blokes stood next to me who managed to sneak in a six pack and drink five cans before a Steward came along to confiscate their booze, good work fellas.

2)Scoring from a set piece

3)Going 2-1 up

4)The five minute rendition of 'I Love Steffen Freund'

EDIT - 6)Woolwich losing...go on Norwich!!!
I think we showed heart today, which was encouraging and doesn't make the loss that depressing, and it was fucking glorious seeing the Spurs again after international boredosis.

The league standings would've been glorious had we won though...

Hopefully the team realizes we looked good against the best, without some of our shiny stars, and could have gotten a result - barring a few cockups. I rate the match will serve as good motivation to the ladz.

I was actually impressed by our display. We brought it to them in the second half despite two of our best players and with Gallas and Walker having subpar performances. The final scoreline wasn't indicative to how close the match was. We never gave up and were fighting til the last whistle.
Really? I think he let's people run through the gap between him and gallas too often. Same way we conceded the second against united.n


perhaps walker should have just smashed it out of play and give them a throw and a chance to run the clock down instead of trying to keep the ball alive and get us back on the attack.
if it had been 2-1 or even 2-2 it would have been a complete fuck up, but he was trying to do the right thing. 4-2's the same amount of points as 3-2.
walker came closest to equalising, lets not forget that.
If you watch it again you'll see he had ample opportunity to pass to a white shirt or back to the keeper. Instead he decided to try to mug mata off as he'd had a silly but of handbags with him earlier. He needs to forget about the whole young player of the year thing, stop believing the hype and get back to basics. His losses of concentration have cost us goals and chances against a lot this season. He's a brilliant player but very raw.
That said, anyone abusing him on twitter is a cunt and should be ashamed to show their face in white hart lane again.


Man up and LOL
Devastated to have lost, pleased with the performance.

But that is what £100 million buys you, a front three who create chances and finish them.

On our day we can still beat any other team in this league, but today was not our day.

And so we move on, southampton might be the tonic we need.

Hmmm, I fancy some bombay sapphire about now.:ledleylick:
Having let it all sink in, there were loads of positives about today and I tend to let results like this get to me more when it's against Thunder-Cunts like Chelsea and Woolwich.

It's just made me feel very protective over AVB and Kyle Walker.

And to be fair Mata is a stonking player. No shame.
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