I thought Walker had his best game for us this season (not taking the last goal into account)

I think Walker had a pretty subpar performances. Had some great moments but had way too many mental lapses in between. Gallas was shocking at times, and should be credited with assists on the first 2 Chelski goals. Asde from that it was nice to see flashes of the Siggy of last year after a slow start and all in all a pretty good performance across the board after a lackluster first 20/30 minutes.

Going forward I would like to beg of our star players to make their babies now so they are born in Summer and not on derby day.
If you watch it again you'll see he had ample opportunity to pass to a white shirt or back to the keeper. Instead he decided to try to mug mata off as he'd had a silly but of handbags with him earlier. He needs to forget about the whole young player of the year thing, stop believing the hype and get back to basics. His losses of concentration have cost us goals and chances against a lot this season. He's a brilliant player but very raw.
That said, anyone abusing him on twitter is a cunt and should be ashamed to show their face in white hart lane again.

fair nuff. im a bit up and down at the mo. he did dwell and it was his fault.
he'll learn.
Don't have much to add but since that never stopped anyone else from posting,I will say this.....seems like we have conceded at least four or five goals this season from poor clearances, and it tends to be the first of the match.
Analasyis in a nut shell....

Missed dembele

Gallas/walker had a few bad moments

Defoe/sandro/caulker/Lennon were quality

Lloris should have been in goal, he would have come for more crosses (stopping their first)


Steffan Freund loves me!!

Move on to Southampton!
Coys, can't smile without you
When I saw that Bale and Dembele were out I thought it would be easy for Chelscum. But it wasn't, and we played pretty well considering the circumstances. But for christ's sake can Lloris be are #1. None of the goals today were totally Brad's fault, but for fuck's sake we have a world class keeper on the bench for no reason. It's like bringing in Lionel Messi and sitting him because Defoe is on good form.
I have to agree. Love Brad, great keeper and he should get some more games before the end of the season since it will probably be his last in this league ( :klinsmann:) but Lloris should be in goal for big fixtures, without a doubt.

The squad looked good despite Dembele and Bale, a few missed opportunities and a few mistakes, Ade looked a bit slow and out of pace, but that is life. Walker did not deserve his social media bashing. Onwards and upwards Spurs. Onwards and Upwards.


Just Do It
We played decent, but don't worry next time around (with everyone fit) ...

To be fair, it was a shit performance and we still came close to winning the match.

If we had Bale and Dembele, Lloris starting (would've saved the first two goals imo), and Adebayor in front of Sigurdsson, I think we would've won. Lennon was superb. Walker just needs a game off to chill out a bit. Always gives 100% no doubt, but he's a bit out of form at the moment. Dawson needs to replace Gallas. He brings experience, leadership and solidarity. Gallas made too many mistakes today, game off will do him good.

Don't see why everyone's upset at Sigurdsson, thought he was one of our best today. Had a couple of nice ideas and was getting into good positions, just could get the finishing touch on. Definitely one to watch for the future. Huddlestone's performance was also a positive, nice to see him get out there and have some nice touches.

Things are still looking positive to me. Optimistic considering we were 5-7 players shy of a top side (imo) and STILL nearly got away with it. Chelsea only one because of their fantastic front four and a couple of crap Gallas clearances. They were shit across the rest of the pitch.

Here's to doing Maribor and Southampton. COYS.
We were far too inconsistent yesterday to have won whilst Chelsea's front four will tear most teams apart (I think they'll beat United next week, too). As mentioned Gallas and Walker made too many mistakes, although I thought Gallas was also good in spells. I always enjoy getting involved with the Chelsea fans but fuck me, they are scum. All of them.

Lloris has to be our number one. Brad has been fantastic but goalkeeper is not a position to be rotating. Looking at de Gea, he is a young player being coached into the role, Lloris is one of the best in the world and we need him to be our established first choice.

Defoe has been magnificent for us this season. I know he makes silly mistakes and has only one thing on his mind but his all round game has improved, his tracking back when he lost the ball in the second half was indicative of this. His goal was brilliant, too.

Had Dembele and Bale been playing I am certain we would have won
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