Sir, while I appreciate your sentiment and share your opinion that this will not be a loss I think you are underestimating your prediction. You see, I too am drunk and I have been gifted a vision.

3-1 Spurs

Lennon, then Ade, then Sandro on on a header. (Lennon assisted Dempsey, Bale assists Ade, and Bale strikes the corner that catches Sandro's left temple)

Juan Mata will score but only because Super-Jan was too busy chewing on Oscar like a sandwich, more of a panini with slices of avocado and bean sprouts with freshly sliced tomatoes.

I have never been more excited to wake up at 7:45....except for morning sex. Sorry bros, that still wins.


I will just have to keep my pre-match optimism to myself. But what will happen to the children Mouse? When things look so bleak they feel encouraged to boo and bitch?
Re Gallas: Very experienced and arguably a good leader but lost the pace that's needed to play a defensive high line in a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 which we play. Looked shaky yesterday imo.
Really late to this, so sorry, but just a few thoughts about yesterday...

First half was almost like we were against Man Utd in the second half. Everytime a ball came in there was almost a panic that we had to shift it out, so it was just punted away... usually straight to a Chelsea player.

It seemed that AVB noticed this and obviously told them to try and take a breath and a bit more time in possession, however, in the second half they all just seemed to take too long. Most players were guilty at some point of keeping possession too long, and either missing the most obvious pass, and attempting a more difficult one, or it simply being intercepted.

Gallas was sloppy. In his defence he was up against some superb players, but in my eyes he was at fault for two goals and should have done better with the third.

Walker, third goal. Idiot. nuff said.

Thought Lennon and Defoe were great.

Adebayor... sometimes is brilliant, and others just struggles to do the basics. He should be able to trap a ball when under no pressure. Just put your foot in front of it, don't bring your foot down on to it.

What worries me more about Adebayor is is effort. He is so inconsistent. One minute he is sprinting back and chasing... others just wandering around almost goal hanging when they are in possession.
Obv missed Bale, and Dembele... both would have made a massive difference.. as would Kaboul and/or BAE/Naughton so that Vertonghen could play in the centre with Kaboul.

As for Friedel/Lloris. I wasn't to bothered about Friedel when I saw the team sheet. You know what you get with him and largely he is a safe pair of hands. There was a couple of moments where he could have done better. He just stays on his line and never comes out. When Walker had the pass back Friedel just stayed, back... though I actually think Walker should have tapped it back for Friedel to clear.

Lloris will start this week in Europa and I hope he will at Southampton and for every game after that.

Personally would have started with Adebayor and Defoe, with Dempsey out left for Sigurdsson. As it was I would have brought on Adebayor for Sigurdsson just after half time and moved Dempsey to left, or even swapped for Townsend, just to give us some width on that side
They were just a different class to us. Their midfield ran us ragged at times! It's a shame some of out players were letting themselves down with basic errors such as poor passing and dithering on the ball though. Gallas really did look poor at times although he does get forward well at set pieces and could've had one in the 1st half if he had a decent finish on him! Hudd looked very slow and Sandro kept on giving the ball away... then there is Walker although I won't dwell too much on him as he's taken some stick but my oh my was he poor all game!!!


They were only on top when we let them be, if we'd closed down their back four and Mikel like we did for 10 mins at the start of the 2nd half for the entire games we'd have beaten them easily.
We had 5 big players missing when you add in Parker, BAE and Kaboul yet we still managed to come back from a goal down, it was just their superior class that took them over the finishing line, Mata and Hazard in particular, pretty galling considering we were strongly linked with signing them at one point.
We had 5 big players missing when you add in Parker, BAE and Kaboul yet we still managed to come back from a goal down, it was just their superior class that took them over the finishing line, Mata in particular, pretty galling considering we were strongly linked with signing him at one point.

I echo alot of the comments here. I was gutted but certainly not upset with how we played, we gave as good as we got for most of the game, Chelsea never had it easy. Take the above into account with the fact we were missing our two most influential players you can't be too sad.
OK so had a few days to mull it over.

1st half Chelsea battered us, Huddlestone was so far off the pace it was funny and Lennon looked completely lost to me (in the 1st half). However I thought Vertonghen was very good and done his best Bale impression.

Chelsea were so comfortable just popping the ball around, we couldn't get near them. I remember seeing someone say we had to get at Mikel because he was their weakest link - this made me laugh as although he doesn't grab the headlines I think he is actually one of their most important players. He is ALWAYS available for the defenders and anyone else who is in trouble and is excellent on the ball. We tried to press him but he keeps the ball so well and when you press, you just leave space for other players to exploit.

2nd half we started like a different team but just couldn't sustain it, again, Chelsea are so good at moving the ball around, eventually they were going to have a few good chances.

OK Gallas should have done better - to me it looks like he is playing at his absolute limit in terms of pace and strength - its not his fault he's getting on now but while Kaboul is out, we need his experience and ability to put his foot on the ball.

Torres - I admit I gave him some stick but if you look at his runs, he made so much room for Mata/Hazard and Oscar I think Di Matteo would have been very pleased with his shift.

I think the difference is, we lose our best creative midfielder and replace him with a £15 mil player who missed the game - Chelsea spend circa £75mil on 3 young attacking exciting players, we were always going to struggle to contain that, not to mention the options they have on the bench - how many other teams can go and spend £10mil on another clubs best player and sit him on the bench?

And that's where we fall down IMO.

Lose any one of Lennon/Bale/Dembele - even Ade and it changes the way we have to play, we become unbalanced on the wings/slow in possession and lose ability to hold the ball in advanced play. If Chelsea were to lose one of their front 4, no worries, they have the likes of Lampard, Moses, Marin (soon) Sturridge available to come on and keep things going without the need for major change in style of play.

I didn't expect much when I saw our line-up and was really proud the way we came out and bucked our ideas up 2nd half but you cant afford to give away 4 goals at home and expect to get anything - specially when you concede 2 in 3mins.

I think Chelsea will go close to the title this year....

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