Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool | Sunday 19 Dec | 16:30 KO

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We can all agree that on the left side we have more then enough talent. I wasn't talking shit about Reggie, I just really thought Sess looked great. That right side is just atrocious! Doherty is a fucking clown and Royal is just awful.
Shame isn't it? Emerson didn't start the season well, then he put up a couple MOTM performances during Nuno's last couple of matches.

You would've thought he'd fit the wingerback role perfectly, but he's been the worst player by far under Conte.
U mad? Traore is shit and Kessie ain’t a possession player, he’s Sissoko style arguably better on the ball but miles removed from a Jorginho, Rodri etc
I'd take Traore on loan with an option to buy. He is a brick house. If he learns how to finish he'd been a Demon. I believe Conté may be the right Gaffer to get the best out of him. Kinda what he did for Lukaku. Having that kinda power play with Kane and Son, could result in a Beastly Front Line.
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