Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool | Sunday 19 Dec | 16:30 KO

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Privilege to be there today - can’t have said that for what feels like years! Cards, chances, hugely improved performances. The crowd was amazing and buzzing all the way down the High Road. Felt like a throwback to yesteryear game.

Dele did great things today and yet should’ve won the game for us! An enigma. Sess did great. Sanchez-Dier-Davies v good again. Winks shut a few people up. What I saw today warmed my heart and raised my hopes - because it’s US I’ll do my best to temper them for now….


"If I see aggressivity, I show aggressivity"
We’d won 1 of last 19 going in against them going in today. We couldn’t even beat them once in 5 meetings during 2015/16 and 2016/17 when we went closest to winning league in last 60 years. We absolutely blew a gilt edged chance to beat a depleted Dippers missing a hatful of sitters.

What has any of this got to do with you being sympathetic to their injury/covid issues whilst ignoring our own?

Our starting XI was missing Skipp/PEH/Reg/Lucas.
What a brilliant result and performance that was.

I fucking love Conte already. Showed real class with his post match interview, That classless cockwomble Klopp should take note.

Speaking of which can somebody please tell me how he didn't get sent off? Can anyone remember when Poch confronted a ref after the Burnley game and got a 3 match touchline ban. This guy just gets away with murder.

And the Sky Sports "analysis" afterwards was some of the most biased I have ever seen.

Is it any wonder these scouse cunts get soft pens every week? With the amount of pressure Klopp and the wankers at Sky exert, plus their screaming cultist fanbase.

Utter cunts

Here's hoping City win the league.

But back to us, fucking brilliant today, we are moving in the right direction again people.

trust in Conte

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