Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool | Sunday 19 Dec | 16:30 KO

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I haven't seen it all, but I know they're still moaning about the Liverpool goal where their player was on the floor pretending to be injured rather than getting up and defending.
For that one, I'd fine them for cheating and wasting official time by complaining about it.
The guy didn't have his head touched, was halfway up to his feet, then threw his hands Ln his head like he'd taken a right hook from Tyson Fury. Howe should be castrating his defender for that behaviour, not moaning at the referee.


Spurs since 1960
Same old shit, everyone in the game loves Liverpool. They couldn’t wait to make excuses about how VVD, Thiago, Fabinho and Henderson were missing yesterday but nobody said a word about how we weren’t able to start Romero, Skipp, Reguilon, Hojbjerg or Lucas.

Christ I wish we’d beaten them. We should have won 6-2 then there would be nothing for them to cling to.
You bet they still would have found something to moan about
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