Tottenham Hotspur VS Rennes. ECL - Thursday Dec 9th 2021 KO 8PM

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It’s on my birthday so we will lose. Sorry all
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Looking down at Woolich again
As long as we produce the world-beating pre-match Son et Lumiere they can beat us 10-0. for all I care. I'm only there for the light show.*

Unless I can find a willing female pensioner, I'll probably be all on my own for this one. I wonder if Mrs Perryman Mrs Perryman knows someone who'd like a free seat next to a rather immature, exciteable little old man :)

*this is a joke
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I think I'm now 100% in the bin this competition off camp. I don't think we will qualify anyway as Vitesse will probably thump Mura, but do we really want yet ANOTHER 2 games in February, just to QUALIFY for the knockouts?

Obviously the risk is we get dumped out of the league cup and FA cup early doors too, but that's a risk I'd be ok with. Concentrate on the domestic cups and finishing as high as possible in the league. It feels like this competition has only and will only hinder that. Play some hungry youngsters perhaps on Thursday and give most of the first xi a rest. Not a great spectacle for the fans I know but, just my opinion 🤷‍♂️
They’ll probably try to kick lumps out of us again so why risk players? Happy for Conte to use this as a training exercise for those who need it and bed players into his system etc.


Captain Blocker of the Blockerters
Rennes have already won the group which is a pain

Could result in them playing a weaker starting eleven though, which could be useful.

Not sure how I feel about this game now, considering we're starting to do ok in the league.

Think it's one I want to win, but I'll quickly get over it if we don't win or progress from the group.
We don’t have the squad depth to compete in this competition while also being competitive in the cups and the league. We proved that against Mura.

Just play our second string and bin this shit off already. Everybody needs a rest you could tell from the game today that we were tired from Brentford.

Put us out of our misery Rennes.
Yep. Put out our 2nd string and if they get the job done great. If not, oh well we can actually concentrate on trophies that matter.
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