Tottenham Hotspur Women

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Where's the Kaboom?
why is mr spock playing at fullback for us?

I went (and result aside) enjoyed it...
Better atmosphere at times in our away end than at some of our mens games at Wembley and even at the new stadium I've been to.
The lines of about 30 stewards I had to walk past and through on my own to get through the turnstile was overkill/quite amusing... You crazy dudes mumbling Chelsea... Chelsea at me! Bet they're fun at parties...
Sadly about a third empty but at times we sang them out of their place...
Shall we sing a song for you...
You're supposed to be at home...
Is this The Emirates...?
Didn't matter that I didn't know the players.
To quote Mark E. Smith...
"If it's me and yer granny on bongos, it's The Fall."


Massive 3 points today. Won 1-0 away to Coventry who were also undefeated and on the same points before today.

Sad isn't it how when racism, homophobia and Islamophobia are correctly called out on football forums, sexism and misogyny are still rife and widely accepted. Shame.


Still haven't seen them yet. Was going end of the season to a game at Cheshunt (think it was on their cup run) but it was raining and just couldn't get up for it. So still not in my habits yet as a football fan, yet alone a Spurs fan. But maybe their results this season will get me along to glory hunt.

I do one game a season. Lewes away. Done 5 years in a row now. We won 6-1 this time.

I like it that at the end of the huddle they give it a loud 1-2-3 YIDS! Love it if the men did that!
It is easy to laugh at the women's game, but my friends two daughters play competitively and their League is full of girls who have become great team players.
This, when they could have so easily taken the wrong road or become Kardashian clones. For those reasons alone the Women's game should be supported.
A football dressing room is one of life's great educators.
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