Tottenham v Barcelona (Next Gen) #1882TFC


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he had on W something, not sure if it was the same bloke, he didn't look that familiar to me. I think someone informed them what our blocks were about and they backed off in the 2nd half.
My friend and I missed out on the 1882 tickets but sat above you in block 8. Even the upper tier was getting involved at points, as has been said before it probably was the noisiest the West Stand has been for a while. Props to all of you for the level of dedication, I can think of a period of only a minute or two when you weren't singing.
Dog, you are all over the early footage from the game:

(Twice now I've been introduced to the fellow in the cream jacket, and both times I've forgotten his name. :( )

Dog again, Flav on the far left.

(You can see the steward surge around 34 minutes in. Comedy.)

Me! Ben! Belgian Spur! Abbey Yid! tehTrunk! BLOCK 15!

What a smug git Sandro was, coming to cheer his second in our faces.

I think we looked good. Pritchard was clearly fantastic, but Coulibaly was also good, and I liked the linkup play with the wings, Stewart and McQueen (who is usually a midfielder?) I wish I could track Dombaxe better, but, alas... The pedant in me also got frustrated at how the German kept saying "dom-BACKS", not "dom-BAH-shee", which is closer to how an Angolan would say his name.
thankfully the match was shown on ESPN for us Tottenham fans in Australia. I have to say, it was great to watch the young kids on show with some serious talent coming up through the ranks. It was even better to see the 1882 nextgen project delivered with such success. Wish I could've been there, however following Spurs from Australia, it made me proud and certainly I know I picked the right club.

well done to everyone who made it happen, all I heard was the singing for 90mins and the commentators made a reference to it many many times...

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Dog, you are all over the early footage from the game:

[ Image ]
Me! Ben! Belgian Spur! Abbey Yid! tehTrunk! BLOCK 15!
There's also me on the far right under a small child, looking devilishly handsome and pulling my trousers up.

I've just spotted some people wearing this seasons third kit :baeshock:

Can't believe people actually bought that. :levylol:
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