Tottenham v Bournmouth (30.11.19) (3pm)

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Son was very poor. He isnt suitable to a defensive wing. We need to buy a more powerful defensive winger and sell him.
Are you on smack?

Son has been one of the brightest, happiest, most cheerful lights in the modern game and I, for one, love to watch him play week in week out. He's a skillful, charismatic, smart and committed character that is sorely missing from what is rapidly becoming a mercenary business. Don't even fucking start that bollocks you dopey cunt. Honestly, you'd make me laugh if I didn't feel sorry for you.

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Do I take it that Alderweireld doesn’t want to leave now? And would that decision have anything to do with no one coming in for him last Summer? He’s past it now and his backtracking on social media is sick making. Ship him out in January to Sheffield Utd or Watford. He’s become a liability, and one of the reasons our defence is so shit.
"...21' - Goal - Alderweireld long ball forward, Son controls into the path of Dele who slots beyond the advancing Ramsdale. .."

"...50' - Goal - Alderweireld long ball forward down the centre, Dele does brilliantly to control it in the box, commits Ramsdale and doubles his tally for the day!..."



Enjoy the Moment
One can only resist Sonny for so long...

When he kissed him he whispered.. " Next time you score a goal ok, ... some people on TFC not happy "

Jose wants to be careful: Sonny just might take for a trip back home and drop him in the middle of the DMZ :mourbye:

I'm big fans of both Toby and Jan, but sadly I think time has caught up with them. They're just not as quick and agile as they were and no amount of effort can counteract that.
With defenders, it is how you read the ball that will give you 50% head start. Hence Mourinho always goes for experience and strength over pace and skills at the back. Also, do you see them tiki-taka from the back since he’s been here? No, because that is his pet hate so just bomb long and compete for the second ball. How old is that old dude at Juventus?
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so again, played good football for like 75 minutes and should have been 5 up, but switched off in the end,

- Dele is going to skyrocket this season.
- Still unconvinced on Dier, I mean I don't think he can cut it for like 2 years now and I'm not sure what Jose is going for there.
- Tanguy needs a proper axe next to him or a dynamo like Winks
- I feel Jose wants Moura to be like Robben in his 2005 Chelsea side.
- Kane needs more purpose in this system, had some good box penetrations but not enough chances
- Jose is clearly trying to weld a team that doesn't need Eriksen to create chances. rational and reasonable, but we will need another creating midfielder in the future.
- Sissoko, jesus. forget the goal, that fucking nutmeg

I wish the scum get Howe, he's the manager who can make an average team put on a fight but will never be able to make the jump to a great team (Moyes)
The fact that lee dixon was wetting himself with excitement about Vieira being their boss says it all. Also how fucking much does he hate us, saying that the cook handball was never a pen. Total wanker.
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