Tottenham v Bournmouth (30.11.19) (3pm)

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I said we would win this 3-2.

Jose isn't going to turn around our defensive problems or our weak mentality in a handful of games.

Just have to win messy for a while.

Away to Man Utd next and Jose with a point to prove, this is where Jose excels in the big games. I expect a win up there.

If Villa can do it, we can win it.
Did you miss the last minute tackle by Jan In the box? You could have the best defence in the world but unless you have a decent DM playing they will always get to exposed , the Wanyama or Dembele or 16/17 season in this team now and we would walk the league if it started when Jose was appointed
I still think Shelvey would fit that position.

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CousinEddie CousinEddie are you seeing this? Are you actually seeing this? Faint heart never won fair lady. Even with your empty promises of nylons and Hershey bars.

I don’t wear nylons - you can’t buy me that cheaply.
So you don’t pull one over your head anymore when making a withdrawal at Barclays??

“Daddy was a bank robber”........


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