Tottenham v Newcastle (Sunday 25 August 16.30)

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Mad some think we will finish ahead of Liverpool. Them & city on another level.
In fairness to Newcastle, they played their ugly football very well today. We’ve relied on teams like that digging out cheeky wins against the run of play against the rest of the top teams. Small consolation, but at least the opposition now see us in the same bracket as the other top teams.

We were veeeeeeery slow though.

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Problem was conceding the first goal. Yes we should do better with 80% possession, but once they got ahead they were always going to fight tooth and nail until the end.
I’m still trying to figure out what the plan was today.

Was it really just let Newcastle sit back while Winks and Sissoko pass the ball sideways?
If Poch does go then Levy needs to go as well as far as I am concerned.

Levy is the reason this club has not achieved success under Poch in regards to winning trophies, key moments when we should have made statement signings over the years he has been manager and he has failed him.

We would have never been a consistent top four side without Poch at the helm either, he saved Levys bacon after the AVB/Sherwood debacle.

Yes we made some top signings this season but the mismanagement around contracts, the lack of key areas like RB not being strengthend and a number of other issues alongside the past issues of failure to back him at key moments makes him just as much to blame if it all goes tits up.

A new stadium doesn't change that.
Levy is not to blame for the dross served up today.

Should have paid the wages when we could have signed Mane

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Hes fucking what now?!?
I've been wondering throughout the game if the guy is actually mentally capable of thinking about what hes doing or if he just wings every situation he finds himself in. he was crap today-made to look like a moron and shoved around like a kid by an unfit reject striker.
Got to agree with you on that one.

I dont want to keep hearing how raw Sanchez is and that he's a talent etc. The lad cost £40 million and looks an absolutely clown at times - he's often out of position and shoved around like a rag doll.

I will hold my hands up now and say I'll be really surprised if he becomes a top talent. I hope he does but I just dont see it, he's just seems to lack the judement and capability to make the right decision
Fullbacks sitting deeper is fine as long as the wingers stay high and wide and make runs in behind (see man city and Bayern and Juve). Son and Lucas however, are allergic to playing out wide, they're more like second strikers than out and out wingers. We also give up so much creativity by playing winks and Sissoko, who then don't do enough defensively to compensate for that. a) How often do those two pass the ball sideways to each other or a defender, or b) receive a pass and then turn their man and get goal side of him before playing a threatening pass? I'd say a) almost always, and b) almost never. Here's what I want to see from us.


Back 4 (who gives a shit about this lot as long as Toby and Jan are in the middle)

Ndombele Dier Eriksen/lo Celso;

Lucas (sitting out on the right touchline, up on the defensive line) Kane Son (sitting out on the left touchline, up on the defensive line)

Defensive nous in the middle provided by dier, creativity and quick ball movement in the middle from Ndombele and Eriksen/lo Celso.

Width and pace mainly provided by Lucas and son, who should almost always be attempting to get goal side of their respective fullbacks via diagonal runs once Eriksen and Ndombele pick the ball up in the middle. Ultimately these passes should be going in between the CB and FB. In this system the fullbacks don't matter as much in terms of offensive output, they can sit in and halt counters and provide an option for the pass from the CB/winger/midfielders in a triangle formation to progress the ball quickly. The centrebacks shouldnt be too far apart, however the fullbacks don't tend to play close to them
Maybe Moura and Son can’t cross? Always seemed odd that we have two pacy wingers who don’t play the wings...
That's absolute bollocks and you know it, there is no way these people you are referring to "went missing" you act like some posters have a vendetta against the club and just want us to fail which is absolute bollocks, it's the opposite, they want to see us succeed, hence why they point out where we are failing and need to improve.

The only people who go missing on here are the ones who call other supporters shit for having an opinion different to them and when those supporters, who love the club, are proven right, you don't hear a fucking peep from them.

At least someone like myself can admit when I am wrong about things, good luck getting that from one of your lot.

I can't help the things I see

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I am a bit disappointed in poch too for not demanding we bought in more quality. Also for being too stubborn to start players running down the contract. Jan & Eriksen should be starting. Ultimately poch let levy get it his way & now we have problems & a long season ahead.
Today wasn't about the trf window... We have enough quality in this squad to get the job done against this lot... Players & Poch; look no further.
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