Tottenham v Newcastle (Sunday 25 August 16.30)

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I do actually think that Poch may want out. Maybe he's bored, maybe he's lost his appetite. Could it be that he wants Real Madrid and is just waiting until ZZ is fired over there?

He said that he possibly would've left if we won the CL, and with a mindset like that, I just don't think his hearts in it to think like that.

He seems miserable most of the time compared to his first couple of seasons with us. Argumentative with the press which was never in his locker.

Is it spreading to the players?
This is what I was thinking as well, does he want out?

Maybe he realises that our chairman and owner aren't interested in trophies and he knows our best players are going and the rebuild is going to be incredibly painful.

I think it's multifaceted but I definitely believe you might be on to something, he seems annoyed a lot and unhappy with the way things are around the club and frankly I don't blame him.

Going into the season with 1 RB who was never first choice and numerous other issues with players running down contracts etc, it just doesn't paint a very good picture.

That being said, Poch is showing that he is showing a lack of tactical planning going into games and games like today are the sort of games, given the players we have at our disposal, we should be winning, no excuses.

So he is just as much to blame as anyone I am afraid, which is why I question, is he looking for an exit


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If this is going to be our go to tactic against lesser/buss parking teams then we have to start asking some serious questions about Poch's game management. He looked completely disinterested in changing things today. Granted the players did not look up to it either but that could be tied in to the supposed conflict with Jan
OK so if what you're saying is true (if) then why did he not spot that Rose was awful till the 88th minute?

Why wait 88 minutes to make that particular sub?
Maybe Davies wasn’t ready to play more than a few minutes. We already had to change one full-back due to injury.

Anyway, every single player was cack so it’s pointless to really harp on one individual. Our defence, midfield and attack were terrible. Their goalkeeper had literally nothing to do and they scored an easy goal from their only entrance into our half.

Pochettino was never a tactical genius, but he definitely put a spring in the players step, they played with a smile, now that is gone.
Pressure, isn’t it? We are not bright-eyed up and comers any more, we are now an established top team who just played a CL final. Now there is pressure to win and compete with City and we are not quite able to do it. 5 years ago losing to Newcastle was just “lads it’s Tottenham”. Now it’s a huge upset and massive blow for us.


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I don't know if Lucas and Son are the problem or the problem is Lucas, Son AND Kane.

Harry was so much better as a greedy fucker with supporting players coming from behind. The player running in front of him doesn't seem to work.
It's probably both.

Lucas is a winger, not a wide forward. We don't play with wingers (and when we do, they don't seem to stay out wide).


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Here's an idea. See that thing that didn't work? Don't do it.
Like how on earth do we all know they are going to break on us and you still get caught out by it?
Shouldn't that be "you know that thing that WORKS; prevent it..."?
The build up is too slow! Pedestrian walking pace, constantly giving them time to get 8 men behind the ball in their own box.

Rose, fuck me, can’t pass, can’t cross, gives away stupid pathetic fouls that let the opp waste more time.

Sanchez was really poor. Lamela, painfully slow. Kane hardly got a touch.

Want Davies, dele Eriksen all starting next week
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