tottenham versus Woolwich 1991 wembley

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What a day. Beautiful sunshine. Amazing performance. Incredible celebrations. Gooner kiddies giving it large from coaches being responded to through stones and bottles. Me being trampled on in the celebrations in the old flat seat terracing. Wembley at its glorious best.
He is you know

I LITERALLY have the T-shirt...

Got Barry Davies's commentary printed, word for word on a,t-shirt in Romford Market... cost me £12!!

Sadly, I didn't have the business acumen, or foresight (or Capital) to get a load printed, and sell them on the High Road the following week...

That's why I'm 'only' a fan, and don't own the club!!!
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I have never been so scared in all my life....... I was convinced we were going to throw it at 2 1 until the 3rd goal........

The nerves and the agony.......
Remember when we travelled to the game on the train all the spurs singing was all you could hear the gooners carriage was quite.
Then on the way back we kept singing to them "where's your double gone "classic, didn't realise nearly 30 years later the club not only has not won it again but still yet to reach the final I think it's 8 semi finals and counting since.

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Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser
One of those days that will live long in the memory, the only way it could have been improved on, was if it had been the final.
Had a row with the ex on the way home, as one of the guys in the group asked if it was better than sex. He had the hump because I readily agreed!
Poignant to see Justin in the footage, he was just a youngster, so sad he's no longer with us.
Oh and also not forgetting on the way home singing.....

"3-1....... We beat the scum 3-1........we beat the scum 3-1.........we beat the scum 3-1........"

Repeated ad infinitum.....

My mate went to a tout "agency" in Shaftesbury Avenue (IIRC) and paid stupid (then) money, £40?, for this (we were both still at school).
I went back the day after I think it was and bought one asking for a seat next to his.
I never told him and just rocked up on the day.
His face was priceless.
My first match...
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Went with mates by train to the game, then after went back to Tottenham for lots of beers. Got home about 10ish that night. My brother who also went to the game by car with his mates, said they were stuck on the North Circular for ages, said that were loads of carrots being thrown at woolwich fans all the way along the road before and after the game.
Still the greatest Spurs match I have attended. Eight of us traveled up from Somerset in a mini bus, I was a bag of nerves, after all woolwich were going for the double, we were injecting gazza to get him to play and were in financial dire straits. Then gazzas goal....and ending up several rows away from where I started. Bliss!

The second half last four hours, until the third went in, that finished them! Never been in a happier bus going back down the m4, lots of horn beeping to other Spurs and a laugh in membury services when a car load of woolwich gave it the big one from a distance until two of our lot marched over like the terminator......and they executed a perfect starskey and hutch get away with one well aimed stone creating a lovely dent in the! Great day
How mads that, set my two boys down to watch the highlights of this earlier on in the week

“ you’ve lost that double feeling, whoaaah that double feeling”

Still my number 1 all time live sporting experiences for me, the limbage every time we scored, I ended up about 20 rows in front of me lol
I woke up so early for this game full of nerves, not sure I knew or met a single Spurs fan that thought we were going to win, but because it was them, everyone was also defiant and couldn't bring themselves to say we would lose. All the usual derby day feelings only ramped up x10!

Because it was at Wembley, because it was against them, then as it is still now, feels like the final. I was more nervous before and during this game than the final, I celebrated harder and longer too. The limbs with each goal were truly epic, by the time the game finished I had somehow travelled from almost the back of the Stadium to 10-20 rows from the front without having taken a single step!

It's odd, because as I type this the only memories I have of the final are those that came via the TV achieve and YouTube clips, no personal memories to define the game or day, whereas this game is seared on my brain, faces of people I don't know on the train and in the stadium. Lol think it took a lot out of me and left me empty for the final.
Another shout here for ‘favourite game’ ever. Of course the ‘he is you know’ commentary is seared into the brain but I remember lots from the day.

Travelled up from south London to Baker St with Gooner mates. Said we’d all meet there again after the game. It was a cold, chilly morning but that might’ve been the nerves. Woolwich were like a machine then and most expected them to beat us. Old Wembley was a cold blowy old stadium and remember just shivering with nerves until the teams came out.

Then a huge crescendo of noise - like nothing new Wembley has produced since. We started the game like a steam train and going 2-0 so early was like being in a dream. Every goal involved limbs and being moved 20 rows forward or back - I was on the aisle but I saw people laying on the stairs or across seats upside down.

The fear returned when Smith scored and it made HT feel a bit uncomfortable.

We looked knackered just after HT and Lineker’s goal seemed to come out of nowhere. Gazza was fucked having spent all his energy in the 1st half (watching it back I’d forgotten how good those one twos were with Paul Allen for the 2nd goal). We held on but they seemed camped in our half. Started whistling for the end at about 80mins!

Elation on the final whistle...pandemonium again!

Giving it to them up Wembley way and on the tube was very fucking satisfying. And when I got to Baker Street those silly Gooner divs were only waiting for me to travel back home....smug grin that wouldn’t be wiped off for months
Was the first ever Tottenham game I watched, my Dad had bought a new "massive" (20 inch?) colour TV to watch it. He terrified me with the celebrations and I've been hooked since.

Also the first and only time I watched Gazza play for Spurs, apart from a few mins in the final.

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Sing, sing wherever you may be
We beat the scum at Wem-ber-ley
They scored one
And we scored three
And we went back to Wem-ber-ley.
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