Tottenham vs City - Mourinho Vs Pep EFL Cup Final - Sunday 25th April 2021

I hope we don't have to endure another game where they get 30 shots. Say what you want about our recent victories over them but we have ridden our luck.

I hope we play a game with a bit more control rather than letting them pepper our goal. I can't see it working out well for us if it's similar to the last game we played against them. Not trying to be negative.
All part of the masterplan apparently- possession and territory are a thing of the past.


Man City is the final level boss. I think United's true level was shown yesterday, we're better than that.
I fully expect the guys to be fired up in a way we haven't been in the past and the big bonus is having a manager who has done it before.


Tea Lady
I think the more focus is put on Mourinho, and not the team, the better. Let them focus on the actual game, let Mourinho take care of all the media stuff which he loves.

I've been saying that since Mourinho got here. Loads of people have been slating him for what he says in press conferences, but I think it's just a tactic to divert attention away from the players.
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