Tottenham Vs Newcastle - Sunday 27th Sept, 2pm KO.

Joelinton literally throwing his body toward, Mourinho was right, we have to be a cnut sometimes , PEH should just pretend to be injured instead
This is another reason I hate VAR, why doesn't it look at that as well when checking for the penalty? VAR picks and choses what it looks at. It's like a corner being wrongly awarded, it should be checked too. Just get rid altogether IMO.
Listened to the bbc 5 live podcast today (in Aus so cant tune in on the radio) and there was discussion regarding the incident. What enraged me even further was that there was a narrative spun about the controversy making for “great entertainment”. There was mention of the rule being a shambles, but the view was largely that it made for good watching. Just about made my head pop. Furthermore, re-watching the free kick that was awarded for the incident has made this even more bitter of a pill to swallow.

Can’t bemoan Newcastle (but fuck Joelinton and the goddamned free kick).

I had this view when it was first brought in, but I do honestly swear that VAR is being made a mockery of in its implementation, by the FA, as a matter of purpose. Initially I thought that it may have been a legitimate attempt to have it canned, but we are surely beyond the point of no return? Considering it won’t be abandoned , there needs to be huge work done in establishing some semblance of fucking sense/context applied to the way it is used to adjudicate the game. The handball rule needs to either be amended, or refs need to only call on VAR in the instance that they themselves have suspected it.

I could honestly rant and rave about this until the bath water I currently find myself slouched in goes cold. The likelihood of me popping a live toaster in with me before that is also high.

Still... fuckkkinng COYS.


Ignorant but enthusiastic
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The handball rule is everything I despise about football officialdom.

Jumped up little pricks with their peep peep whistles; the sort of cunts that join the territorial army and then practice putting up a tent in their garden, so they can be top of the class. Absolutely no ability to think for themselves or apply common sense.

Mike Dean is their factotum.

Wankers to a man.
Gareth Keenan. .....

No excuses for this pathetic line, not only after todays result then reading garbage like this.
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Fuck me that's fucked up!! Where do I go from here?
This handball rule went against us for the second week running. Just was not important last week. Looking at what posters are saying about rules and the incident there is more than enough justification for the ref NOT to give a penalty. His hands were not in an unnatural position when jumping. I thought these decisions were not going to be repeated after the CL final but we seem to be in a worse position due to some official changing the rules. It used to have to be deliberate and whilst that was always difficult, at least if your back is to the ball as Dier's was you could not be deemed to have handled deliberately.

Moving onto the argument that we should have like the previous week been far enough ahead for it not to happen. Losing a late goal has always been hard to take especially when at home. Many years ago I remember thinking was it the attacks fault for not scoring or the defence for conceding. I decided that all teams are vulnerable to concede a goal and you cannot rely on a clean sheet. Therefore if you want to win a home game you really need to score twice. If you score twice and the opponents still draw or beat you then you need to look at the defence. Simplistic but yes despite the injustice we really need to blame the attack for not scoring again for the dropped points.


High for so long fell asleep on the fucking plane
While Spurs completely got screwed, they should've never been in that position if they could finish their chances. Love Kane but he had 5 legitimate chances where he usually buries 2 of those with ease....Nice assist though so this result def not on him.

Hojbjerg was the biggest positive really y'day. great performance and one that proved that having Winks too was absolutely pointless. Ndombele instead of Winks would've been much better tactically with Newcastle playing 10 defenders and not even looking to counter-attack.
Just watched it again, though I shouldn't.

What captures me is not the lack of quality of the decisions, even after 4 mins of constant reviewing. What irks me is the arbitrary nature of the whole thing.

So, it is one situation, but borne out of 4 individual passages of the same 2 plays:

- PEH's "freekick": Not reviewed
- The offside: Reviewed, verdict against us
- Dier pushed in the back, two hands: Not reviewed
- The handball: Reviewed, verdict against us

The odd part is, that while the offside review was dodgy and the handball a straight up meme, the situation as a whole begs the question: Who made the decision to review only 2 of 4 passages? On what grounds? Under what oversight?

4 passages of play, and a single review of either 4 in our favour would have cut the causalty chain leading to the penalty. Two reviews being made against us, one inconsistent the other scandalous. Alright.
But the two passages not reviewed together with the complete lack of transparency doesn't spell out "incompetence". It spells out "corruption".

Last night I lauded the likes of Bruce, Carragher and Co. slamming the handball decision. But really, the decision is just one scandalous individual decision. Nobody even mentions, why so many passages of play within 10 secs of time were either overruled or ignored - and that it was in fact not the first penalty review late last night. Incompetence is nothing if not random. This was far from random.

Is this nonsense? OK. Then ask yourselves this - If Hugo had been half and inch quicker and pawed away the pen shot: Do you really think they would not have had it retaken?
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