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If what you post has no implied meaning then why even post it?

No sir I didn't say the Antarctic is warm rather I said it was the opposite of being cold.

What I actually said is that Leicester will have a training complex on a par with us ( same developer which why is looks similar) and that even bottom end Championship clubs like Reading are building state of the art complexes ( which actually look great). How you have read that into it o do not know.


"Intelligent but stupid" - Ahab
Even for this board this is next level dumb for a cunt off.
You're next level dumb, you cunt.



Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
Good for you but you might want to actually read what was being discussed before wading into a discussion centering on our training complex enhancing our status in the game.

The elite clubs are determined by revenue - it's the club financial capacity that determines it's position in the games hierarchy. It's that capacity which enables a club to acquire elite managers and elite players rather than having to develop them like we do. Do you honestly believe that Man City were not an elite club prior to their training ground redevelopment? That PSG are not an elite club because they play at the Parc des Princes and currently have their old training ground? You still have this warped belief that our club can move into the elite when despite its ground redevelopment and added revenue it still trails massively those clubs - It's pure wish thinking bordering on delusion.

Seriously just what planet do you live on? The media are always talking about a 7 year old training complex are they? Really - I must have missed that myself. It generated a lot of attention at the time much like Leicester's will and then it will be forgotten about because absolutely no one cares about training complexes. I do frequently go on other clubs forums to see what they are saying about their own and ours and no is talking about the training complex ( I very much doubt you go outside your Twitter echo chamber). The stadium gained traction for obvious reason but virtually no one in other supporter bases is talking about our training complex. Much like outside of this thread no one is talking about Leicester's new complex or actually really cares.

Spurs Lodge was never a poor training complex - it was redeveloped back in '97 if I recall correctly so lets not pretend we had terrible facilities. And the second sentence is really telling - that is what this is really all about , we have a superior training facility to United, Woolwich, Chelsea and Liverpool and that is why what to elevate in such a way. And to do so is absolutely absurd because no really actually cares and to do such a thing actually has the reverse effect - it makes us look small. At one point our complex was an a chairman's fantasy and then architect's drawing - that the process that is undertaken but as with Lecicester it's progressed on from that as work has started on the site.

That is one of the most ridiculous things I have read on here - having a great training complex enables us to compete with the elite clubs? I take it once Leicester have theirs completed they will be able to compete as well? I find the notion that we wouldn't be competing without Hotspur Way despite having this group of players absolutely hilarious. Tell me how did Spurs finish in the top 4 twice and reach the CL quarter final in it's first campaign being at Spurs Lodge?

(Willian had NO say in what club he wanted to join, this decision was made for him and completely out of his control, he joined Chelsea because they took Eto, then the Worlds highest-paid player in at the time of the books of the club where the owner was getting out). BTW Cobham isn't inferior, it doesn't possess a lodge but everything else is pretty much the same as ours, it's elite, so even if this was important to him he wasn't going to inferior facilities, so I simply don't get your argument here, we have elite facilities and they have elite facilities).

Oh really - Willian had no say did he? Well lets look at what he to say on the matter.

Doesn't really sound like someone who was forced to join Chelsea against his will or that he had no say in the matter does it? Seriously you really have to stop presenting such things as factual statements. You did this will Cortese and Pochettino and I embarrassed you with direct quotes from Pochettinho which showed that you were making it up and now you doing it again with some fanciful story about Willian.
As for Corbum ours is superior - it was built nearly 6 years later and cost more - the point is that it didn't have any bearing on Willian - what did was their ability to pay higher wages and the constant stream of success.

You don't get do you? The only contest that actually matters is revenue because that is what defines an elite club - we have an elite squad but we are not an elite club and wont unless we get our revenue on a par with them . And the only way that will happen is if we obtain an owner likes City's or PSG. You are seriously deluding yourself otherwise or would you care to explain how we bridge to the financial gap to the like of United, Bayen, Barca or Real? As for asking our players - well me tell why have Eriksen and Alderwield wound their contracts down at a time when the club has moved into a brand new stadium, has a fantastic training complex and enjoyed it's best league finishes in the PL era? Why is exactly that our players can double their wages at other clubs and why we cannot pay the market rate then?
Haha, what a cunt of a post.

Why do you have to make everything a big deal? Why do you have to get into a row with virtually every single post you make?

It's crystal clear why I posted, I picked you up on posting architect drawings of a Training Ground that hasn't even been built yet, whilst you were posting it to make a point that other clubs have great training grounds too. Well, the one you selected isn't great if it hasn't fucking been built you idiot! Looks like I hit a nerve and it has sent you turbo. Out of the sewer you slink and go on the attack, the double downer, the Lance Armstrong of the forum.

So with that established and me not totally disagreeing with the training ground raising the status of the Club you still proceed to write war on peace of a row, smoke pouring off your keyboard as your miserable life descends into another meltdown, this time about Training Grounds. Get a fucking life!

Revenue is everything, revenue determines the big dogs, I know this, everyone knows this. Stop trying to tell it like you are the only one that knows this. We all know this, it dominates most threads, it dictates what we can and what we can't do as a club and because of this it's spoken about by all at some point. You are not enlightening us with this golden nugget of wisdom.

Just why have PSG, Madrid, City and Barca spent tens of millions on their training grounds? They are already elite right? What's the point of them spunking all this money, what are they trying to achieve?

Our training grounds is referenced constantly in the media if you haven't noticed this then that's your problem. But most times when the arseholes on Sky want to devote their attention to us and debate Tottenham it is mentioned. This, of course, isn't relevant at all, it's just you being picked up on the fact that you are talking bollocks and your response is to constantly argue against it and refuse to admit you might have it wrong. Click on the Sky debates, of which there are many on YouTube and you will hear it being mentioned, usually along the lines of "they have a great training ground, and a great manger and now a geat stadium.......Then they launch into what they want. (This is reciprocated across other channels too both radio and TV). If you don't watch or listen to them then that's just fine, but it does mean it's passed you by.

We are starting to competing with elite clubs! We've finished above all of the traditional ones in England in the last 5yrs, and we've beaten some of them in Europe. But let's make it clear, my comment was aimed at our training grounds, we compete with them in terms of Training Ground, there is no discernible difference. Elements of nitpicking aside and perhaps because our is the latest one we might want to lay claim that our is the very best but we are absolutely competing with the elite clubs in the world on equal terms on training grounds.

Spurs Lodge was tiny!! It was out of date from almost the year it was built, within two years Woolwich moved into London Colney that was almost ten times the size. Woolwich's Hale End academy was almost the same size as spurs Lodge!! We truly had a mid-table training ground, with (as there are now) some Championship Clubs with better facilities than Spurs Lodge, so please don't try to spin your bullshit to make points that are factually incorrect.

So they didn't buy Eto as part of the deal then? It had nothing at all to do with getting the highest-paid player on the planet off the books from a shitty team in Russia that was going down the tubes and needed to sell off of it's stable of overpaid footballers? LOL Don't quote the words of a player that has just signed for a new club, you will be quoting & believing that it was his boyhood dream to play for Chelsea next and believing this shite.

The last paragraph is complete strawman where the fuck have I said we competing with the elite teams on revenue? You appear to be getting yourself tied up in knots. I'm talking about TRAINING GROUNDS and only training grounds.

Boring cunt.
Dunno why people argue with this cunt anymore, he's so obviously a troll it's not even funny anymore. Just look at the way he desperately tried to drag me into this latest thread derailment...

His only reason for existing here is to cause cunt offs, if it isn't Pochettino, it's the way the club is being run, or it's the club's facilities, it's always something he knows will hook in a few of our more zealous supporters...If people don't engage with him he'll hopefully get bored and hook unto some other forum...
When I was younger I worked for a multi national company and was moved from building to building. Whilst I did not have much of a say in it, some facilities were good and others pretty grim. Yes when working in the better buildings with modern facilities it did make me feel good but the people there and the career move were more important. I think that if a player is unhappy and working/training in a poor facility it will make it worse whilst if the facilities are the best he might be reluctant to leave although his career will be more important. However Levy is making money by renting the facility to other teams.


Enjoy the Moment
He is a cunt, cannot just be a Spurs supporter and celebrate what we have done as a club, instead has to focus on what other clubs are going to do!
Anyway, too much red is shown when he answers, piss off to Gooner-land troll.
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