Troy Deeney


Levy OUT
Sorry I will try to be a better poster like yourself by posting only about telling Spurs fans to fuck off and making pathetic threats at Spurs fans.

That is what a real quality poster would do and are certainly not the actions of a Woolwich troll who is angry that people on here support Spurs.
Good man, I'm glad you agree.

Clearly he is on our list. Probably way down but we know how this has worked out before. I just cant believe having had 14 months to look for a new striker/wing forward we're contemplating Deeney and Josh King. We really need a better recruitment set up.

This would be a good fit imho.
He's from the area, and WBA are looking for experienced PL players to keep them there....
What's not to like?

Plus, Deeney in a Spurs shirt just wouldn't LOOK right! (Does that make me a football snob?)
I don't dislike him as such (and certainly not as much as some on here seem to) but I don't think he's the right fit for us... unless he scores a hat trick on his Spurs debut, in which case, "Welcome aboard, Son!"
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