Unpopular opinion but IMO, Son, Lucas and Kane can’t play in 3-4-3

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I don’t think it’s a coincidence the best stacking display we have had under Conte was with the midfielders in a 352. Even yesterday when Ndombele came on we looked better and I don’t even rate Ndombele.

Dier Romero new CB
Emerson Skipp Hojbjerg Reggie
New CM
Kane Son

Would get us into the top four this year if we bring in two players in January. It’s so painfully obvious, it’s frustrating how the club and Conte continue the same path that is not improving.

I don’t doubt Conte or his methods. They have proven to work but I really think he’s being stubborn with his formation. Just like he was stubborn with Erikson at first and he was with Fabregas at Chelsea.

Château NoHo

'Only in Italy are we fixated on formations. I've coached in England and they don't give a damn over there.'

'I want to see bravery and intensity, the things we're trying to propose. The rest is all rubbish.'

Translation: "Tactics: Want it more™. "

Don't @ me.


Château NoHo

The question stands - why do you care? We care about Tottenham not other clubs. And Tottenham team must improve if we want to fulfill our ambitions.
I don't care that other clubs aren't doing anything.

Edit: Other clubs except for Newcastle paying £20m for Trippier and he's very excited to go play for Kayak®.

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