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The current forum runs on phpBB which works pretty well but is falling behind a bit. It makes my job 10x harder to keep it up to date and I know that above your own personal TFC forum experience, you just want me to have an easy life. So I'm going to update it to xenForo and it will look something like this...


I've tried to make it look as similar to the current one as possible so you don't all start crying. It's a responsive layout so should work the same on desktops as it does on mobiles/tablets. Again, saving me the job of keeping 2 forum styles up to date.

It's completely different software with a load of new functionality. I'm looking forward to you all spazzing out and saying you hate the new forum and how the old one was so much better.

It does have some cool stuff though. You can @ people in posts to let them know you're talking about them. Posting links to youtube etc is easier, you just post the link (with or without all the crap at the end of the URL). You can link your twitter account and post status' on the forum which show up on twitter.

It's probably going to take me a couple of hours so I will need to take the board offline for a bit. Might do it tomorrow, not sure yet.

All your posts will be transferred over.


...wait for it...


I can't transfer that over.

I feel like you do this shit periodically to show us who holds the real power.

Fair enough though, forum transitions are a bitch.
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