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Actually clicking the title doesn't do the same thing always, for example in this post I haven't been in it in a while so when I clicked on the title I still had to click on 'go to first unread' to take me to the latest post.
Yes, that's true. If I haven't been in a thread for a while, it takes me to the first page.


Are full page adverts a thing or is it my laptop being shit?

Anyone else been having problems accessing the site in the last couple of days?

The forum part of the site being sporadically offline whilst the rest of the site is functioning correctly.

Me too. I always assume it's because we've made a monster signing and the forum has exploded and overloaded. Always end up disappointed though.


The Fighting Cock
It always gets like this towards the end of the transfer window. Server takes a hammering.

I'll see if I can get those adverts blocked.
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