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Has VAR Ruined Football?

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"Intelligent but stupid" - Ahab
Vardy diving and winning pens all season shows what a disaster VAR has been
That second penalty yesterday was just ridiculous. The fact that they didn't even question the initial call is just ridiculous. Sanchez didn't even put in a challenge! They should have pulled that one back and booked Vardy for simulation.

It's just remarkable. I thought VAR would at least be useful in discouraging simulation, but how wrong I was.
VAR needs to be binned off.


VAR only works if it is transparent.

Unfortunately it has done the opposite as we now have decisions being made selectively in a room somewhere with zero accountability.

They choose when to check and whether or not to show the video information to the audience.

It's actually made things worse as there is no consistency
If VAR was at the Boro game, it’s quite possible that both the Kane disallowed goal and the Boro winner would be reversed. Terrible that the FA have allowed a competition to have it in some matches but not in others - games are literally not being played under the same conditions 😵‍💫
Had a look for a threat about VAR specifically but didn't see anything.

Merge with another thread if I've missed it but this is about VAR across the board not just in our matches.

Yesterday against Leicester the ref didn't give the first penalty to Leicester despite looking right at it and it being blatant. VAR took 1-2 minutes to stop play and award it. Similar to the City one a few years ago. This is unacceptable. What if a player gets his leg broken in the dead space between the incident and the penalty.
Then the ref immediately blew for a penalty for the 2nd one when it wasn't a penalty in a month of fucking Sundays. Yet VAR didn't over rule it. Hmm.
Then a Leicester player pushes the ball out for a corner with his arm depriving Moura a potential tap in, VAR doesn't even check it.
Kane handles in the build up to a goal, goal given. Can't complain but had it been disallowed, can't see any complaints.

Then we go to the Leeds and the Villa matches. Kane has a fantastic goal ruled out for offside using an image that obscures the ball completely when it was played but they can tell he was a mm offside? Let's not forget either the frame rate is so poor they have no idea when a ball is kicked but they're making offside calls on mm margins. Fuck sake stop it.

Against Villa in contrast, the linesman incorrect flagged Son offside, uphold by the referee when Son was in acres of space to score. Also flagged Bale offside when he wasn't and we should have had a corner.

The introduction of VAR was meant to make the game fairer but it's got worse than ever. The on field officials don't know what they're doing and the VAR plebs are the same bunch of idiots.

I'd like to use this thread to highlight all the ludicrous decisions going forward.
I'd also love to the fans to be given a voice with VAR as it hasn't worked and it's spoiled the game beyond anything I could have imagined. I can no longer feel any emotion when a goal is scored as you know the spoil sports are looking for ways to disallow it.
VAR needs to be binned off.


I genuinely believe we have the worst referees in European football right now and VAR is just making things worse. It’s a disgrace and needs to be scrapped.
Hate it it’s shit. Ruins celebrating goals. It’s shit.
That is my main issue with it. It has taken away the joyous spontaneity of celebrating a goal.
Before VAR, in some cases, you would have quick glance to see if the linesman had his flag raised.
Now you can't be sure and it can take ages after a perfectly looking goal, for the ref to signal that VAR are looking in to it. A classic recent example was Kane's offside goal when we were 2- 1 up against Man City. I was jumping around the living room, then VAR, in what seemed like ages, decided to look in to the goal and disallow it.
There was potential there for an unfair result, but let's be serious, they don't get VAR decisions right when they do have it

The game was better to watch for not having it.
I'd suffer all the VAR downsides if it was accurate and used sensibly (ie not drawing fucking lines on the pitch to try and chalk off goals)
But they can't get decisions right so we're best off without it
For me if your in an offside position you should be given offside. As for this bollocks about not interfering with play what's he doing on the pitch then. The law makers have fucked about with the offside rule many times but, the best rule is if the attacking side has a player in an offside position then your offside. That would make the rule clear to everyone.
Calm down Cloughie, It's not 1987 anymore



Chelsea, Man City and Newcastle have done more damage to football than VAR with their economic ruining of the game.

I would also add that VAR isn’t to bad in European competition. It’s us who fuck it up, in the prem their is no common sense, offside for example, VAR should only ever get involved when there is a clear error because the game has always been about giving the benefit of the doubt to the attackers, we have turned it into his pube was offside.

There are issues with VAR, but it’s how we use the technology more than the technology itself, we don’t conduct anything in the spirit of the game rather than exact letter of the law and even then as per the Everton missed pen we fuck up.

Really it’s the governing of the game that is the biggest issue from the owners we allow to buy our clubs to the jobsworth match officials.

Mr. Voldemort

No More Mr Nice Guy
I don't agree, but I do believe that they have proved that they have zero appetite for reform, or even introspection on any fucking level whatsoever. I've said before that when VAR was first introduced I seriously thought that the rules were so bad that they were honestly self-sabotaging VAR so they could be justified in retracting it. Then it just kept going and they never learned anything or tried to improve anything.

The league has more or less adopted the position that they invent the rules for VAR on the fly, and to suit the attitude of the on-field referee.

VAR in this league is run by a pack of clowns.
Exactly. The people who are misusing the VAR system are bringing about this condemnation of the part it has to play in modern football.

VAR was never intended to either work or not work, it is simply meant to provide referees with an alternative viewpoint of an incident from which they can (hopefully) make a better judged decision. If supporters think that decision is wrong then the blame should be directed at the match officials for making it, not a monitor. I cannot count the number of times I have watched a ref stick to his original decision despite overwhelming contrary evidence from the pitch side screen simply because he doesn't want his reputation tarnished or pride hurt.

The only problem I have with it is the manner in which offside is assessed. When you are watching at home and seeing 500 frames per second and then having the ref look at the same incident at 50 frames per second you realise what a false impression such images project. Far too much attention spent on where the attacking player is rather than the exact moment that the pass to them was executed.
That part of it's deployment certainly needs re-assessing and the recording of such moments need to be to the highest technological specifications available. Watching those lines being drawn and dragged across to a players toe or elbow to determine whether a vitally important goal should stand is pure farce.
It's so inconsistent. A goal can be disallowed if there's a foul in the build up. But a corner is awarded when it should be a goal kick, if a goal is scored from the corner it's not checked.
It's a fucking disaster
Goal line technology, yes VAR no. It’s killing the game. Better to let the occasional fine line decision go against you than ruin each and every game.
Used to be that when a goal went in I would take a quick look at the linesman and if his flag was down that was it. The game flowed, as it is meant to do and the crowds went wild at a goal, as they are meant to do.
Now, the excitement is just being taken out of the game, so, VAR is killing the game.
Some players are just getting clever with it. But even on a second viewing you could see Vardy instigate "contact" by grabbing Sanchez's arm before throwing himself. Disgrace.
Vardy fouls Sanchez if anything then throws himself over he does it all the time. Even the Toby one he sees Toby's leg coming out an makes sure he goes over it
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