Villa match fred: Danny Blanchflower derby


The Fighting Cock
Thelonious World Peace
Let's ave it you slags!

For the love of God, let's get a 2-3 goal lead and then coast home. No more of this "get up 1-0 and then fluff around for 50 minutes waiting to give up an equalizer" crap.

Just fucking batter them
What I want to see above all else is a game where with ten minutes to go we are in a position to drop points...I know it's obvious but we have only done it once this season.

If Adebayor is able to play it will be a massive influence as, should we be only a goal up, his introduction could well swing it on our favour...just like it did against West Brom!

I have my first ticket for a home game this season, too....where are people planning on meeting before?
Can't believe you 'only' went with the Danny Blanchflower Derby...

Pffft! SURELY you could've had your pick of such names as Messrs. Bent, Bergsson, Calderwood, Cantrill, Friedel, Ginola, George Graham,
(Andy) Gray, Hodge, Leonhardsen, Routledge, (Luke) Young, Jenas, Hutton, Crouch, Walker & lest we forget GORDON 'SNUFFER' SMITH??

Thelonious said:
"only Danny Blanchflower?" Are you smoking crack? :dawsonwtf:

I'm aware you were merely jesting, but my crack is smokin'!!!!!! :nawty:

I'm aware that you were aware that I was merely jesting :bentley:
Wasn't gonna go to this one but grabbed a couple of tickets yesterday - 3-0 Defoe, Vertonghen and Dembele.

Lets ave it!
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