Vincent Janssen

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I think he wanted nothing more than to live up to his transfer.

He was pressing too hard to make things happen when he got chances early on. He didn't want to go out on loan because he wanted to prove his worth to Poch; poor choice in hindsight, but admirable that he wanted to stay and fight for time with us.

I wish him nothing but the best.
Fair enough. You’re probably a much nicer person than me. He got worse over time with us, pissed off the management team, refused better opportunities to transfer out, cost too much money and took a decent salary. Having put most of my disposable income into our club for 30+ years, his situation does piss me off. Soldado was decent but unlucky, and great in the club. Janssen was all round shite.

Cost £17m, reports vary from £7.5-£10m fee received from Mexico + we got a £5m loan fee last year. Paper loss of just a couple of mill but with amortization we’ll show a profit turned.
Thus ends one the most underwhelming and strangest transfer sagas
I totally disagree.
I'd say that if you put together N'ije and N'Koudou you'll get -
- more money paid
- less influence and output
- more wage money written off
- much less promise/hopes to start from - I mean it still baffles me that he has scored 7 goals in 17 games for NETHERLANDS senior squad (!!) - both of the N'guys have absolutely nothing to put against this fact

I mean, yea, his move to Spurs unfortunately did not work out. I was cheering for him to be a success with us (heck, I even saw the rare sight of him scoring EPL goal from open play against Bournemouth back on old White Hart lane!!) but unfortunately it was not meant to be.

I do not believe this "if he scored vs Everton" thing for a sec, unfortunately it was already written in the stars before that. Only "what if's" I am thinking about is what if there would have been different expectations for him - he came on as Eredivise hitman and top scorer. But at the beginning at least his hold-up play was really good. And with this he helped other players to have good opportunities.

But well - Best of luck for the future, Vinny!


Now I'm a big fat dynamo!

Second game in Liga MX and the boy has already gone and grabbed himself a goal. Not the sexiest goal but you can literally see the pressure leave his body once it goes in.
Easily could've been our Van Nistelrooy if we had supported him properly.
He has some blame, there were issues with work ethic and fitness, allegedly. I thought he’d make it but it didn’t work out. Hope he turns it around, he’s playing for one of the best clubs in Liga MX.
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