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Is it too early to be considering Poch's position given recent form?

  • Yes

    Votes: 61 43.9%
  • No

    Votes: 2 1.4%
  • Give him 3 games to turn it around

    Votes: 4 2.9%
  • Fuck off you Scottish alky cunt

    Votes: 72 51.8%

  • Total voters
What the fuck is this poll about? Fucking toxic fans. Fuck you all. It's this poison that caused the toxicity when AVB was appointed. Yes he ended up being shit but some fuckers had their daggers out before he even started. Don't go back to that. Poch has and is creating something beautiful. Fuck all the haters for not getting behind the team. We're fucking unbeaten in the league. Only 3 points off the top. Are people really blind to what Poch has done for the squad mentality and general setup? All based on a shoestring budget compared to all our other 'competitors'. Even Leicester fucking City spend more than us.

This is fucking disgusting. This is what the cunts from across the road behave like. We're fucking Tottenham.
Poch stays. I'd rather we sold off half the starting XI than sack him. He's our most important employee.

What he did to the team he inherited was nothing short of remarkable and we are still very young and learning.

End all this Gooneresque BS.
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What's really disgusting is this final point you make. Being out spent by the likes of Leicester fucking city
It's not a spending league, you don't get points for simply spending money. Man U would be good if that was the case. It's about identifying players who would fit the club. Fucking hell John, we spent £30m on Sissoko, and he's beyond terrible.
If we're being ridiculous... if we have another performance like last night then, at half, time Poch should force Sissoko to rape Tom Carroll at gunpoint and make the rest of the team watch.

Plenty of good managers and ex pro's say you learn more from a bad spell than when everything's hunky d.
Poch is not a vastly experienced manager yet , he deserves the time to learn from this and get it right again.
I'm as sick as anyone of watching this shit but any talk of outing Poch is completely wrong IMO.


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Fuck votes of confidence, but Poch does need to take his share of the blame for our recent form. Everyone does. But that's all it is, a recent run of form. There's no endemic issue in the club that turned us shite in the space of a few months, we've lost key players through injuries and aren't playing that well. That's it.

Poch may need to take some blame for player recruitment and for playing out of form players. His training methods may well need scrutinised too.

Still by far and away our best choice as manager.

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Insane or vanity poll ?
Poch is the best we are able to get considering our limited financial clout.
He has done a miracle when one hand is tied behind his back compared to the teams that win things .
There won't be any silverware but blimey he's made us competive.
Winning stuff is another level and that has to come at board level.
The sad thing is win last night and there would have been an outpouring of praise

As each day goes by I get sick of where the direction of football is going, the whole package from the "fans" mindset to the billionaires and franchise bullshit
But ATM our biggest weakness lies in creavitity department especially in those AM positions since Eriksen form went AWOL and increasing mediocrity from Sonssoko.

It's not just those two btw, Lamela hasn't really done much this season. Son, despite having a very good start, has been awful ever since the international break and then we have Alli who seems more interested in nutmegging people and claiming penalties instead of actually playing football.
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