Watford VS Tottenham Saturday Jan 1st 2022 @3PM

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A must win? :conteshock:

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I didn't see the game, but here's Terry Butcher on the BBC's Premier League Live:

"They [Watford] showed belief and thoroughly deserved to get something from this game and but for two contentious refereeing decisions, they would have."
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I see Emerson is the new Winks/Sissoko/Sanchez/Doherty/Dier/Davies/Hojbjerg on TFC.
Remember when all of the above were written off by at various times by the TFC experts.
Conte is missing a trick not checking out the forum.
We have a big mental issue away from home and have done for a long time, probably the biggest issue for Conte to fix. The team always seems nervous and is easily intimidated when we are away from WHL. We need a commanding performance here. We have to show that we are not wimps.

Davinson Dier Davies
Emerson Skipp Winks Reguilon
Lucas Kane Son

We didn't have a mental issue yesterday, we were fucking robbed by corrupt officials.
Should have been at least 1-3 - if the legit goals were given, it could have been a rout.
All were poor today. But Emerson was one of the Spurs better players.

Emerson Royal's game by numbers vs Watford:

89% pass accuracy

113 touches

13 crosses

8 touches in opp. box

7 duels won

6 chances created

5 take-ons attempted

3 take-ons completed

2 tackles

1 interception

He is the 3rd best tackler in the PL and people need to get off his back and encourage him.

He has had no pre season. He does not speak English. He is 22.

He absolutely was not. You can cite as many stats as you want, but it's pointless winning duels to cross the ball 13 times when only 1-2 of those crosses at best were of any threat to the opposition. He had more space and time than any player on the pitch and Watford allowed him to have it for the 90 because he was that poor when it came to the final third.

Having no pre-season and not speaking English does not stop a player from being able to cross a ball, he doesn't look like he's struggling with the setup or fitness or communicating, he looks like he can't swing in a cross. At all.

He makes tackles. He has a good first touch and is athletic & purposeful. But in that attacking RWB role today he was utterly wasteful, every 5 minutes he was handed an opportunity to make something happen and he failed over and over. James or TAA given that space & time pick up 2-3 assists, no question at all.
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Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
I've only seen the highlights on MOTD, so can only comment on those. Looks like we had lots of possession, goalie played out of his skin, and although we left it late, got a deserved winner.
We won, that lot down the road lost - great start to 2022.
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