Watford VS Tottenham Saturday Jan 1st 2022 @3PM

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Just watched the game, my stream died after the medical emergency was stabilised (I'll take that, out of the two options, obviously). Was sure it would end 0-0. Well done the boys for trying till the end!

Round of applause for Hugo, Ben, Oli and Dav (who I thought was decent again, and for his goal of course).

Props I suppose to Harry, PEH and Reg.

I'm guessing that in-match people were moaning about the subs, I can see that. I'd rather Gio (good to see him back on the pitch, added a bit of a spark from what I saw) had come on instead of Winks but hey ho, it worked out.

Emerson, given the space he was given throughout, he never "asked questions of the defence" if you'll pardon the descent into pundit speak.

Sonny's general form. I thought he was our weakest forward today, until his cracking assist.

In short, awful game, great result. I'll take that.



To dare is too dear
There was another medical emergency that was a heart attack (obviously that had nothing to do with the pandemic or vaccine...) at Watford at the start of December too.

All these matches getting stopped must just be a random coincidence...I was boosted about 2 weeks ago now btw.
Listen, don't try and play the "both sides" on this issue.

It's obvious that if these collapses were related to vaccines there would be far more of them considering the amount of people vaccinated.

There is more chance of these issues being caused by COVID when you consider the amount and rate at which it has been spreading.


Up The Spurs! Slava Ukraini! 🇬🇧🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇦

Given what he inherited after Mou and Nuno’s best efforts, it’s a damn impressive turnaround. We’re imperfect all over the place, but he’s somehow getting results. Honestly, we have one last shot of building something really decent with a truly world class manager. Don’t fuck it up DL.


This crackers creature is a bit of a tool but he’s bang on here.

Complete disagree with him.

Is Woolwich going to play a total low block with 11 behind the ball like watford did?

No? They’re going to setup to try and dice directly through our midfield and we’ll play a siege midfield press and see if we can counter? Oh, then it’ll be a 100 percent different match than this weekends 2 and these have absolutely no bearing on it at all…


🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦
Dav should have either gone to our fans or did the City thing if he was going to celebrate in front of Watford……still can’t get over Hernández trying to slap a gooner fan in the face with his City shirt after scoring an injury time winner


I still think the best one was Adebayor sprinting the whole length of the field to wind up the scum fans after scoring for Shitty!

Furball man

We have a big mental issue away from home and have done for a long time, probably the biggest issue for Conte to fix. The team always seems nervous and is easily intimidated when we are away from WHL. We need a commanding performance here. We have to show that we are not wimps.

Davinson Dier Davies
Emerson Skipp Winks Reguilon
Lucas Kane Son
Decisions went against us . We pretty much won the game , comfortably

Regarding the sending off , it happened . It effected the game to our favour , but there’s no denying it was a clear 2nd yellow
I'm starting to really hate the Argentine national side.


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