Watford VS Tottenham Saturday Jan 1st 2022 @3PM

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When Son has Reggie steaming up along the line, Davies with free rein to come up too, and Lucas roaming towards the middle, I don’t think there’s enough space left for him to operate in ways that maximize his abilities.
I don't think you get the best out of him starting off in Central areas. Get him back out wide and in space and facing up full backs 1v1.
Annnnnnnnnnnd relax……
Get that fucking camera out of my garden
Watford looking like the better team last 10 mins

Winks coming on - LOL
I am really curious what happened with Conte, yes Winks coming on doesn’t sit right with me, but you have Skipp and PEH, and Skipp is the one you take off?
We play 5 2 3 with2midfielders who really have no progressive intent 2 attackers who have lost their bite(can’t say it’s not the midfield either) and one who has the zeal to do so much, but just can’t.
We can’t say we play 3 4 3 with Reggie and Royal as our wing backs.
My problem also is, I’m not sure Conte is a fan of creative players, I remember Eriksen struggled at inter just as Ndombele is.
But we need to probably play Gil or whoever can do something with a ball more often. We have been playing 5 defenders and 2 defensive midfielders.I can say we are lucky to be getting goals.
Then when we are looking for goals we bring in Winks.
Really? How many goals has he scored for us then? I can't remember any tbh, but that might just be my mind going blank after watching such a boring match...

EDIT: Am I right in saying that's only his SECOND league goal in his 5th season with us? Not exactly prolific... lol :)
Scored a couple in the cup game as well last year. The other 2 dont really score at all . Davies has 1 goal in the last 3 years, Dier none.


To be fair Liverpool struggled, City struggled. So many games over a short period I think a lot of players in the prem are gassed. Let’s just take the points and move on.
WE dominated the game, more shots, more possession, more shots on target, more corners, more of everything, so we didnt play badly but we did make life hard for ourselves.
It was for all to see that PEH or Skipp wasnt needed yet again and one of them should have come off at HT for a more creative player.


To dare is too dear
We are taking millions of doses and a new virus that can kill people. There is enough data about rare cardiac complications with both the virus and the vaccines.

Yes, and the data around rare cardiac complications with the vaccines shows that the chance of heart inflammation is incredibly low, much lower than if you have covid.

The chances are that these collapses are likely due to the virus rather than the vaccines.
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