Watford VS Tottenham Saturday Jan 1st 2022 @3PM

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Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑

Dapper daveAcademy Graduate​

Even fucking small time Watford fans hate us ffs 🤦‍♂️. What is it with every single club in the world and it’s supporters despising us ? Please explain ?

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Do we know does Emmanuel Dennis play this one or is he off to AFCON with Nigeria?

Good player, involved in 60+% of their goals!

Worth looking at tbf only 24
I believe clubs have to release players by 3 January. So they can all play this weekend. Mendy will be missing for Chelsea on Wednesday though.
Dennis plays. Not released by Watford as registration by Nigeria not completed.

We need to stamp our quality on this game.

Think.there will and should be 3 or 4 changes.

Shame Bergwijn is injured as I would have looked to rest Son.

As I have alreasy said we need to get out of the blocks quickly, control the game and grab authority.

Sure Conte will make that abundantly clear.
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With us last playing on Tuesday, I don't think we'll see anything too out of the ordinary here...


Maybe Winks in for Hojbjerg if Conte is feeling adventerous.


Ignorant but enthusiastic
I thought he was very good against Soton, probably our best defender.
He has the occasional good game but he's so brainless that he is always a danger. If we're to accrue points, then we can't afford to give away goals and that's what he does. He's not alone though!!!


Antonio is Innocent!
What are the odds on Sissoko scoring against us?
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