Watford VS Tottenham Saturday Jan 1st 2022 @3PM

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ENIC hokey cokey
Mother of pearl.

Your comments just made me look up his deal, 10million a year for five years up in 2024?

So there's two more years of a player not even Conte can get a tune out of?

How the fuck did this happen?

He's a fucking disgrace. I bet he votes Tory.

It's a good thing levy was bald before he signed.

I agree, loan him out but we'd have to pay the majority of his wages so we don't have to look at the cunt, if he decides to play then at least we could get back some of the money that's been wasted.

Alternatively, if you could bottle his arrogance and lack of self awareness and sell it for like, er say, £50 to £70 a gram, levy could pay off the stadium and buy the Real Madrid or PSG team to play in it.



Ignorant but enthusiastic
Think I’ll side with keys here. Robert Maxwell wasn’t a nice man, so I’ve no doubt what he says in that tweet is true. THFC probably wouldn’t exist today if Maxwell had got his hands on us. I hated Sugar as our chairman but my goodness it could have been worse.
Never mind. He has a lovely daughter....
Emerson is a good defensive option but when we are playing a side that is going to give us 70% possession and ask us to send crosses in, we need another option.

I would have preferred Gil coming on at RWB for the entire second half instead of more Emerson crosses.
one of football’s beautifully jizmic feelings is when you finally puncture the balloon shaped bus park that’s taken an hour and a half of collective puffing of their players and fans to inflate.
I missed the jizz!

Watching "as live" later the stream crashed on 91 minutes. Couldn't get it back. Assumed we'd drawn but had a quick check at the BBC results page...

It was like doing all the grunt work in a porno video only for a body double to steal in with the money shot.

Happy to take one for the team mind.
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We’re 100% going into this game with 3 DMs and will barely cross the halfway line, and most of it won’t be through choice.

Kane and Son better sharpen the fuck up because they are going to need to convert on a 1:1 ratio
Is that the same as what jose use to get criticised for. Remember the the 2 games v chavs last season when frank was in charge? Jose basically shitted it especially at home and we barely layer a glove on them and got spanked. Are we now all of a sudden accepting that kind of football and philosophy? Remember jose stank the place out but if he won a trophy everyone would have accepted it. Playing like that you have to win!
Never mind. He has a lovely daughter....
British Rock GIF by The Ed Sullivan Show
"Posters who slag off our team have no right to celebrate our wins"

Sammyspurs, repeatedly, 2016-19
I thought I hated our club?
No, not today?

What’s interesting is the dates you posted.
Widely regarded as our best period since the 80s

So yeah, I defended the players when they were doing well while others demanded the chairman’s head and called us shit.

Well that back fired didn’t it

In case anyone missed our glorious win.

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