Watford VS Tottenham Saturday Jan 1st 2022 @3PM

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I’ll have a quid on that.
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Heard were swapping ndombele for tolisso plus were getting cash on top. What a waste of time and money ndombele was.
Tolisso's contract end in June 2022. Sure, Ndombele's market value has gone down since Spurs signed him but not "that" much!
And here is Tolisso's injury record.

Here's hoping for 3 points to start the New Year.

Conte's already on a best start I can recall for a Tottenham manager. (Sure there have bettee but this was badly needed.)

Long may it continue.
It's match day!

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Time to get some payback on this dilly ding dong idiot.
Mr Conte needs to school this gibberish talking fool.

9-1 spurs. Statement to the league. The gloves are off.

Given your user name I'm sure you keep abreast of everything football related. Or are you just winging it?

Anyway, I'm going to leg it to the bookies and hopefully ruffle a few feathers with a big win.
Dennis is the only player we need to be concerned with defensively. The attack for us is my main worry. We looked lost at times when Southampton defended deep.

Please no Hojbjerg today. Use Winks and Skipp in midfield. Even rest Son who looked awful last match, give Gil a run for 75 minutes.

Tanganga Rodon Davies
Emerson Winks Skipp Reggie
Lucas Kane Gil
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