Watford VS Tottenham Saturday Jan 1st 2022 @3PM

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20shots/9target + 76% today too.

Yet some twats call this Nuno-ball.

Are people seriously saying that?

We were mediocre vs both Southampton and Watford, but it was still very obvious we were a team who were coached and wanted to play with intent. Miles away from the clueless no shots on target no idea how to play shite under Nuno.

People forget easily it seems. Under Nuno I had zero belief at all we would ever score in games.
Criticism of Royals crossing, but you have to remember that it is job of the players in the box to find the space and attack the ball. Outside of Dele, we have no players in our attack that are capable of attacking crosses.

You cannot expect Royal to pick out and unmarked Kane or Son in the box if they are being marked by defenders, its up to them to make the movement and fight for that ball.

Don't look at the stats because they don't give you much context.

Some of his crosses were poor in that they were lifted a without much pace on the ball, entirely different to sons delivery for the goal.

However, most of his crosses were put in back post because he was trying to avoid the 3 CBs who were congesting the middle. All it required was some intelligence from someone in the box to hang back and attack the back post.

He stood the ball up back post, Reguilon tried to get to it but he's too short and was running from too far away to make any real difference to winning the header.

I was one of the first to highlight Emerson's forward play deficiencies, but I'll give him some leeway here. I still think however we need more quality here if we are to play RWB.


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Dav should have either gone to our fans or did the City thing if he was going to celebrate in front of Watford……still can’t get over Hernández trying to slap a gooner fan in the face with his City shirt after scoring an injury time winner


I still think the best one was Adebayor sprinting the whole length of the field to wind up the scum fans after scoring for Shitty!


Fucking pay me!!!
We can’t say we play 3 4 3 with Reggie and Royal as our wing backs.

You care to explain or is this just the bollocks it appears to be at face value....?

My problem also is, I’m not sure Conte is a fan of creative players, I remember Eriksen(*) struggled at inter just as Ndombele is.
But we need to probably play Gil or whoever can do something with a ball more often. We have been playing 5 defenders and 2 defensive midfielders.I can say we are lucky to be getting goals.
Then when we are looking for goals we bring in Winks.

He doesn't trust Ndombele & Dele to execute the other parts of the game. Gio is always injured.

(*Eriksen initially struggled to adapt that's all.... Not unlike Fabregas.)

If you can't/won't follow instructions you likely won't play.
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Fucking pay me!!!
Just watching the analysis and Keys and Gray are pundits for Bein Sports.

Brings back the good old days of Sky Sports, before the woke brigade ruined football.

I'm so pleased I cancelled Sky.

Yeh, football is so much worse now racism and sexism are frowned upon.

......Also big-up Bein who were happy to give a platform to the deeply homophobic musings of the Nu-castle ownership.



Fucking pay me!!!
Fucking hell see City celebrate in front of the gooner fans, made my day even better

That was much fun to watch, but didn't Adebayor get a yellow for 'incitement' when he did similar back in the day?

....Not smart. Especially in front of a home crowd. If Arse weren't a bunch of blow-hard tarquins he'd have been lynched!
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Adama can actually take a player on
I actually think this is more relevant / important than many realise. Yes Emerson's crossing was terrible yesterday, and Adama's normally is too. However, Emerson was usually crossing from poor positions because he was either unwilling or incapable of beating his man. Adama would simply have smashed his way past that man to the byline, and hopefully smashed a random ball across a dangerous area. So whilst they are both poor at passing / crossing generally, Adama's ability to easily get into a better position would (for me at least) have made him more likely to create a goal.

Before anyone says it, I know Adama has no assists this season - it's not as though Emerson looked like a world class deliverer of the ball yesterday either, but at least at Spurs Adama would have lots of better targets to aim for. In any case, for me it's not games like yesterday's where Adama would be the greatest asset - it would be games where we are under lots of pressure. His ability to get you 30 yards up the pitch when you're under pressure would be godsend against some of the better sides..
All were poor today. But Emerson was one of the Spurs better players.

Emerson Royal's game by numbers vs Watford:

89% pass accuracy

113 touches

13 crosses

8 touches in opp. box

7 duels won

6 chances created

5 take-ons attempted

3 take-ons completed

2 tackles

1 interception

He is the 3rd best tackler in the PL and people need to get off his back and encourage him.

He has had no pre season. He does not speak English. He is 22.

While I’m going off on one:

Son Most touches in opp. box (9) Emerson had 8
I’m sorry but these are stats without context. Wow Emerson had touches in the oppo box! It was because watford didn’t care. I’d also question how on earth he created 6 chances unless he gets one for every time he didn’t hit the first man on a cross.

If you honestly think Emerson was good yesterday, I just hope you are not a spurs talent evaluator in disguise, though that would explain a lot.


Fucking pay me!!!
Can't comprehend the amount of self-loathing repeatedly displayed by some of our fan-base.....

"Undeserved win"??????

Watford deserved NOTHING from that game FFS.


Same lot that would have seen it as some kind of scandal if we'd have got a fully deserved 3 points again S'oton.

Get behind your team for fucks sake!
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