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The Swellhead Spur

Annibyniaeth Cymru
I think Watford will stay up will Roy getting them solid defensively, they have so many fast attackers that late in games they can come off the bench against tired legs and score like they did against Man Utd & Everton

I actually think Everton will go down, they don't have any fighters in the team, look like they are going to appoint a no mark manager & are being run by Kia Joorabchian, we take the piss out of ourselves but they have spent half a bil and are now fighting relegation


Tier 1 - Trust me bro'
Watford may just be the worst run club in the whole league. They sack managers like they're Chelsea but spend like Norwich. And none of their managers really have much in common because they just leap from style to style in an attempt to stay in the league. The amount they must spend on sacking managers must be fucking staggering.
Doubt it, it's not like they're us getting rid of Mourinho every 6 months.

They hire shit managers with no competition for their signature, so probably not high wages and on short term deals. The payout to get rid of someone like Ranieri or any of the other no marks they have sacked won't be that much, in the scheme of things.
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