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The Fighting Cock

The Fighting Cock
Tomorrow we play Coventry in the FA Cup. The 1882 will be there in block 30 of the Shelf Lower. The aim of the 1882 movement is to support our team and the shirt they play in as voraciously as our lungs will allow. We want to hark back to the days before the Premier League, when how loud you sing and how passionate you became wasn’t dependent on how well Tottenham were playing. We don’t claim to be better than other [...]

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Coventry are bringing 5022 to the Lane. I dont expect them to all be going for it, but if they do sing up, we will have a fight on our hands. 1882 need to be the catalyst for the North, East and West to get involved. Will it happen; probably not, but I'll do my damnedest for the shirt! :bale2:

I'm not looking forward to the pounding head at around the 60th minute, but it lets me know that I'm doing my best :avbfacepalm:
It's definitely going to be a great atmosphere which is not something you usually get at a 3rd round game. They will want to make some noise so we'll just have to sing louder and hope that those around us get involved. Bring it on!
Would a train ticket be ok? It's the first part of an open return from New Year's Eve but I'm willing to give it to you, you don't even have to give me a handjob like last time.
ticker-tape... READY!!

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